Do you use a Zippo? If so, post pics!

Discussion in 'General' started by GolgiApparatus, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Post a picture of a zippo lighter which you are currently using/your favorite one!

  2. got rollin dice on the outside...lucky 7 on the inside.

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  3. [​IMG]

    Don't use it much
  4. [​IMG]

    I HAD this gold layered zippo for about 80$, but sadly I lost it.
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    This is my collection minus a Hunter S. Thompson Zippo which I'm very displeased I couldn't find for this photo...


    /edit: Skull, KISS, CSA Flag, Tribal, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Pre-Katrina French Quarter-New Orleans
  6. Durban, I'm diggin that one third from the right.

    I myself am a man of the modified Bic.

  7. The French Quarter was unscathed

    If you smoke with Zippo don't you taste the lighter fluid? I imagine its worse than butane, which is noticeable.
  8. Thank you. :D

    But it's still never going to be like it used to be. That whole area... Even after everyone returned.

    And yeah, if you smoke out of a bowl with a zippo you taste it. But I only use zippos for lighting tobacco and joints.

    And these are mainly collectors items... I only usually use the Skull one.
  9. I mean you only taste the lighter fluid if you light like a bowl with it. If you light a joint/blunt then you wont taste anything
  10. The trick with zippos is to let it burn for a few seconds before lighting the weed/cigarette/cigar/whatever.
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  11. I see. :cool:
  12. i just got this might be hard to tell from the picture but the lil squares look like the bulge out in the middle....

  13. ^ Your lighter and your carpet are sooooo coordinated
  14. i cant find my camera so:

  15. you guys make me wanna collect zippos. i have one with a rainbow peace sign. can't find it though or i would post a pic.
  16. My ex boyfriend bought this collector's zippo at a pawn shop and then he ripped the decorative plates off because he really just wanted a plain silver zippo... Idiot... well I scanned a picture of the plates that were on the original zippo, cause he left them with me. I think I'm gonna buy a plain zippo and super-glue them on.

  17. Why would he rip those off?!
  18. right?!? like i said,
    he = idiot.
    he ain't my ex-boyfriend for nothin...

    but i'm happy to keep the plates for myself :rolleyes:

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