do you understand this type of drug addict?

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  1. here is a situation.

    There is a suicidal guy name Jeff who has no family, no home, or anything going for him at all in life; except drugs. Drugs make him happy and are the ONLY reason he doesnt kill himself. He has no intentions of furthering his life at all, just doing drugs until he dies.

    in this case, drugs can be killing him physically, but then again keeping him alive because of the emotional aspect of the drug.

    what are your thoughts on this drug addict?
  2. Sounds like he needs an intervention!
    I wish I could do nothing but drugs all the time, but then again I do not want to live on the streets, so, meh.
  3. well instead of a worthless suicide why not go out with a bang
    a long time one just fill your body with all the drugs u can until ur like 40 and have some fun ;]
  4. Well close are you to him/ whats your relation to him?
  5. no relation, hypothetical
  6. Here we are trying to offer you advice on a non existent person.. :mad:
  7. my bad, i meant my long lost e-friend
  8. Drugs are made to enhance life, not control it
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    Not really diggin either of those poll suggestions... but i guess i'm leaning more toward the second, "Drugs make him happy, live and let live."
    If he has no intention then what can you do man, let him figure shit out on his own i guess. Let him live his life exactly as he wishes, whatever floats his boat... tickles his pickle... whateverrrrrrrrr.
    I mean yeah sure, drugs are killing him physically, but you're right, they're helping him cope with his bullshit. They're helping him say "fuck it man, my life is fucked but it's still beautiful... i love that i can still see, feel, smell, and touch."
    My thoughts on this drug addict aren't much, there are plenty Jeff's out there.
    I mean yes the guy would be better off if he put himself to work a little bit, perhaps just worked at a retail shop as a cashier or some shit. I mean that'd be straight he'd have about $200.00 a week, save four of those checks and you got $800.00 a month... with that he could eventually go home-hunting. Afford a little rent... and this is allllllllllll shit he could do whillllllle he's high, not completely wasted of course, but just a little nice and buzzed. He cannn elevate a bit if he really puts his mind to it, but if he's really not willing to go through all that then fuck it, he's still good enough to survive. He's still finding a way to get himself high. And he's probably feeding himself when necessary as well. So Jeff is still living decently even without the traditional shit people "need" to live comfortably.
  10. what if the guy wouldve off'ed himself without the drugs? would you still hold your position, therefore suggesting the guy to kill himself?
  11. these are my exact thoughts
  12. I voted rehab. Although the drugs make him happy, in this situation they only do so because he has lost sight of the ability to find happiness from anything else from various life problems. There is definitely something to be said for the "live and let live" mindset and I do believe in letting others find their own course, but this is giving somebody a chance at a much better life. To me, living only for your next high isn't really living.
  13. well there's an underlying reason for this. like, everyone has an escape, ya dig? like some people play sports or work all the damn time, or church or whatever...

    I'm layed back, so i'm going to be straight.

    If you have no intentions of furthering the overall benefit of humanity then you're worthless trash that should not be allowed the SACRED privelidge of life. You are a waste of resources, resources that could be used to benefit those who feel as though they can advance human culture/existance.

    to hell with him then, hypothetically. unless, of course, you can convince him otherwise.
  14. I've been thinking about this quite hard for the past half-hour stoned off my ass and I honestly couldn't come up with anything that would make me think Jeff should go to rehab and clean his life up, if only because I work in psychiatry and see, first-hand everyday how utterly ruined some people are because they were just like Jeff, got clean, and felt they had nothing to live for. I feed these people new drugs, SSRIs, SNRIs, SNDRIs or MAOIs, on a daily basis because they can't find it within themselves to find meaning in life, and are held captive by the state as enemies to themselves, others, or their own mind.

    It's sad, but it's true. Rehabilitation works for some people, and for others it just opens up a huge void. If using is something that makes Jeff happy, and being clean would not (for whatever reason) then Jeff should probably continue to use, if that's his choice. So long as he's harming nobody but himself I have no problem with it, because I've seen the alternative.

    Things aren't as cut and dry and they may seem, unfortunately.
  15. Jeff is a true American.

    He's simply fulfilling his pursuit of happiness.
  16. For the ppl who say live and let live. What if he's so desperate for drugs and kills someone close to u in a botched robbery. Then u would be wishing he had gone to rehab and changed his ways. I'm speaking hypotheticlly of course just my to sense plus I'm really high right now so don't wanna type nemore LOL
  17. every time i've checked to see the poll its been even.
  18. yo highhaze you okay man? i know you said hypothetical but people dont come up with this shit out of no where? you ever need someone to talk to send me a p/m.
  19. nah man this def. isnt reflected towards me brah, i found my purpose in life and have more than a reason to live for. thanks though
  20. Jeff should give life off drugs a chance... maybe just to see if he can be happy without them. If not, live and let live. :smoking:

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