do you turn to other methods of intoxication when there is no bud available?

Discussion in 'General' started by bghjkl, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. i personally drink a lot.

    i will never go on a quest for a new dealer when mine is dry, just because i'm lazy like that :D
  2. i turn to booze lol. Only beer though :D good beer, too.

  3. masturbation
  4. Nope, only schweed.
  5. Theres always bud available man. Lol jk. But I really don't look for any other way to get intoxicated. Weed doesn't even feel intoxicating to me. Unless I take a few hits from a Gravity bong. Then I get screwed up. Besides sippin a little bit of beer when I'm chilling with friends, there's nothing else for me.
  6. since i have troubles sleeping, when i dont have weed its hard for me to sleep so i'll take a few shots of vodka or something late at night watch some tv play some nhl 09 and pass out nicely
  7. i drink till i fall over
  8. Yeah when I'm dry the first thing I do is run the the store and get a 12 pack, its not like i need it as a replacement or anything (i smoke cuz i enjoy being high, i dont have issues sleeping, or medical issues). Maybe alcohol is just another feel good drug to use?
  9. alcohol. Tequila,rum, or whiskey is my favorite. Jack Daniels!
  10. When I'm out of bud, I look for resin in my bowls. If there's no resin, I have fun being sober. Plain and simple.

  11. No, But I might end up jerking off.

    or I just look at it as a mandatory t-break till I find more bud.
  12. If I'm in the mood for bud and don't have any, I usually just stay sober.
  13. "no bud available"

    I don't understand what you mean by this...
  14. Drinking is fucking awesome, even if there is weed around.
  15. Alcohol, Salvia, Nutmeg, Resin, anything legal.
  16. I like the uppers and downers with(out) weed.

    Amphetamines FTW.
  17. Not at all. I dont even drink, just weed. I dont really know why.
  18. I hardly drink anymore.

    So no.
  19. just dont ever run out of bud, that's what I do... longest period without bud since off Probi: 2 days haha
  20. pcp angel dust crack cocain and the occasional bag of meth

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