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Do you think you get a diffrent high from diffrent pecies? bong,pipe,GB exc.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PuffPuffPa--, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I think you would get higher from a GB than a bowl. or Higher from a Bong than a joint. but some people say its all the same. i beg to different i think each piece is a diffrent high and trust me i got ALOT of pipes bongs bubblers, steam rollers everything. and im testing all day. :)
  2. Not necessairly the high is different, just how it hits you I would say.
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    Well the amount/percent of THC you get differs from joint to glass to vape, so that probably does play a role.. but I dunno. I've thought about this too.
  4. Well a vape tends to be a bit of a cleaner high, and if you roll a spliff or a blunt the tobacco affects your high, but there shouldn't be any difference between, say, a joint and a bowl, or a bowl and a bong
  5. i just prefer how water hits vs. a pipe. and percolators always seem to be a cleaner hit
  6. I find that with joints and non water filtered smoke I get more of a head high versus with a water pipe I feel more relaxed. That's just what I think though, it's probably all pyschological.

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