Do you think you can smoke weed and be successful at school?

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  1. I'm in my final year of school and am aiming at university. Do you think it's unwise to smoke weed in the afternoons before i start studying? Usually i will get home around 3:30pm smoke a few bowls with my girlfriend and just hang out before starting my study at 5:30 - 6:00.
    What are some of your opinions?
  2. I think so. You figure that out though. That is honestly up to you to decide:/
  3. I smooked weed all threw hihe skool and colege and I must say that it never efected me to a point wear it my studees were in geopardy. I think it made my gramma more sharpe
  4. I smoked weed a dropped out.

    Now i film beastiality.
  5. i smoked just one reefers and was kicked out of skool and now im a animal psychic
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    Hey, I'm not at a huge university, but I go to a small college. I blaze at least once (usually more) a day and managed to pull off a 3.5 GPA, so yes, it is possible to be "successful" and smoke weed at the same time.

    Usually, I smoke around 10 in the morning, 4 in the afternoon, and one more time sometime later in the night. Just don't get distracted by everything else college has to offer. Pay adequate attention to your studies, make sure you get all your homework done and shit, then blaze.

    After awhile, you'll become so good at smoking weed and school that you can do both at the same time, which is why I smoke in the morning, day and night. Stay high, my friend, and do well.

    EDIT: Bob Loblaw Law makes a good point. Try to get a feel for your new lifestyle when first arriving at college, take a few days off from smoking. Once you feel comfortable, then slowly start introducing smoking to your daily schedule.
  7. If you're a motivated individual and weed hasn't negatively impacted your determination thus far, you should be fine. University can be a different animal than high school, so you might want to ease your way into smoke/study sessions.
  8. No. Weed is the reason i almost failed. Barely scraped by
  9. you dont need to study until you take 300 level classes in college
  10. I think the question should be aimed at yourself YOU think YOU can smoke weed and be successful at school? You are the only one that will know this.
  11. Generally speaking, I don't see any reason why not. It's just a matter of motivation.
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    Definitely. Weed doesn't affect how you learn. I smoke 1/4oz a week, I know a lot of people on here smoke more but at a 1/4oz a week I'm pretty much high for most of the day, I maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA (weak Freshman year) and have made Dean's List (3.5+ GPA for a semester) 3 semesters in a row now (just found out I made it again :D)

    So yea, its not going to affect you as long as you still do your shit.

    Oh and my typical studying schedule for exams:

    Exam is 1 day away lets say and I have no class the day before it.
    Wake up between 10-11AM, smoke small 0.2g bowl and chill by browsing internet, listening to music, watching South Park.

    Then I'll study for at least 2 hours, sometimes the material might take as long as 6 hours though (400 level classes). Then I'll smoke for an hour or a little more, usually out of my Left Coast with inline ashcatcher or out of my bubbler, either way both of those get me way higher than I was in the morning lol.

    Then I'll chill with friends for an hour or so and finally go back to review again. After 2-3 hours of review I'll finally be done. I'll smoke some more and go to bed.

    So I mean I usually smoke, do some relaxing shit for 1 hour or so while I'm high, then as it starts wearing off I'll drink some coffee or Gatorade and start studying again. I'll go right into the material, I won't procrastinate on Facebook at all at first just so I can get my concentration back.

    Whatever works for you though man.
  13. Smoking before studying is about as counter-productive as it gets. When you get to the point where you have to question whether pot is negatively affecting you, it probably is. Your education comes first; once your shit is done, then worry about getting high. Period, the end.

    You might scrape by, you might even do well, but the bottom line is that smoking herb before studying will mean that you retain less over a shorter term.
  14. i'm in college, double major in chemical and biomedical engineering and i smoke weed everyday. it's the reward system, do my homework and study, then get really baked :smoke:
  15. that's the right idea :wave:
  16. I smoke as much if not more than my friends and i get better grades than all of them.

    You can definitely smoke and succeed in college. Some classes you can go to baked, others not so much, just gotta get a feel for each class. I personally love a good history lecture or a philosophy class while im baked. I also feel like i take better notes high. I like to write all neat and shit, whereas when im not baked i just scribble stuff down as short as possible.

    I have a 3.7gpa and i smoke everyday. It isnt hard... just have your priorities straight.
  17. Wow dude
    Of course it can be successful, except if your a lazy shit.
  18. Really depends on you man. In high school, I had a pretty good GPA, around a 3.3. I was always really averse to doing homework. I pretty much said fuck working outside of class. it worked okay. Blew off homework and did well on tests.
    But once you get into material where just paying attention in class isn't enough, you've gotta work after class. And for me, if I'm high, forget it.

    If you can stay on task and remember the shit you need to when you're high, I don't really see why not. But we can't answer that question for you. You have to figure it out.
  19. Can you? Of course.

    Can you? I don't know you, you tell me.

    It's entirely possible, but weed effects everyone differently and different people make different decisions.
  20. I'm in college and I smoke errrrday. I get pretty decent grades, I just don't usually smoke right before class. haha

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