do you think weed will ever be legalized

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by big_will, Jul 21, 2003.

  1. I for some reason, do not see the U.S legalizing marijuana. The fact is our government is full of assholes. There not going to legalize it until we all stand up against them in some form of a petition or something to get there attention. Then they still want do anything until they find a way to tax it. They would make so much money off of legalizing it than the way they are going now trying to get rid of it and thats not ever going to happen. I noticed i think at that Canada is thinking about reforming its laws on marijuana and decriminalizing it in some fashion. I believe that if the do legalize it i would certainly think about living there as to going all the way to Amsterdam. Even in Australia it is legal to some extent i read the other day that there is like a limit on how many plants they can grow but at least they can grow some legaly that is. I really dont think i will ever understand why cigarettes are legal and marijuana is not when we all know that cigarettes are way more unhealthy than marijuana. Just by the fact that marijuana is a plant, it is a herb of some sort, not packed full harmful chemicals like in cigarettes that dont do shit but give you cancer. If marijuana were produced here in the United States that they would probably fuck with it. Put all kinds of chemicals in it and it probably wouldnt be near as good as the weed were used to smoking.
  2. I doubt marijuana will be ,decriminalized ,or legalized...................ever in America.
    Perhaps anywhere.

  3. thnx to america's power and influence.
  4. Perhaps eventually it will...
    More and more supporters are coming out these days...

    Marijuana is legal in very few places in the US...
    For medical purposes though...
    Causes a bit of confusion sometimes when putting someone on trial...
    It becomes a question of prosecuting using state laws, or prosecuting using federal laws...

    I don't remember exactly what the law in Alaska is about growing...
    But if I recall correctly, I read an article not too long ago saying something about it being legal to own a few plants...
    Less than 20???
    Less than 25???
    Something like that...

    And possession of less than 6 ounces (something like that) of marijuanna is only a misdemeanor...

    One day it may be legalized...
    But probably not anytime in the near future...
  5. I live in the Uk there has been may marches and petitions but our government need to stop listening to anti drug personel who dont know a thing and are all on the hooch.

    just because your son started hanging with bad people and taking bad drugs and overdosing. doesnt mean you can hinder the casual smoker or grower why who knows?

    all I can say is countries who arnt thinking about legalisation are living in the past it is 2003 why oh why?

    Ganja has been formally legaliseed in my house and drink n fags have been contraband to stop death rates.

    everybody needs to grow.
    vote liberal democrat if living in uk sod the rest bunch of historians lets salute the future
  6. I dunno...I feel a groundswell of pro-mj movement in the US. I think the first step will be medical mj, then decriminalization, then legalization. The States are taking the lead on this. 9 States so far have medical mj laws, others, like Maryland have laws that allow for medical mj as a defense if you're busted w/pot. If we can get 25-30 states to pass medical-mj laws, I think that Congress will follow.

    Yesterday Congress voted on the lost, but it had more support than I thought it would. Here's what NORML said:

    Although the amendment was ultimately voted down by a vote of 152-273, we
    are pleased with the level of support that medical marijuana received in
    the House of Representatives. This was the first time since 1998 that
    members of Congress were forced to record a vote on this important issue,
    and based on the outcome of the vote, it is clear that support in Congress
    for medical marijuana continues to increase.

    Below you will find a list of Representatives who voted for the
    Hinchey/Rohrabacher amendment. If your Representative is on the list,
    please take two minutes today to send them a letter thanking them for
    their support of medical marijuana. These courageous legislators need to
    know that they have the support of their constituents. If your member of
    Congress did not support the Hinchey/Rohrabacher amendment, they can make
    up for it by adding their name as a co-sponsor to the States' Right to
    Medical Marijuana Act.

    NORML has created pre-written letters for those members of Congress who
    supported the amendment and those who voted against it. Please take two
    minutes and send a pre-written letter to your member of Congress at:

    Thank you for your help and for taking the time to support NORML's medical
    marijuana efforts.

  7. Yeah, I think so. Think of our current generatio. People aged like 18-30. Do you know ANYONE in that group of people who hasn't smoked? Maybe a FEW. Most of these people either enjoy it, or are neutral about it. In about 15-20 years, our generation will be the people in congress, house of representatives, etc. In light of other things going on, enforcing marijuana laws might not be necessary. We're doing well, though. Last year Nevada had an initiative to LEGALIZE weed in Nevada. It didn't pass, but it got like 35% of the vote. That's not too bad for something as "bad" as pot.
  8. dun worry fellow grass citizens..... i will become president and my 1st act will b legalization!

  9. Excellent!!!
    This will make your country easier to deal with when I conquer the world...
  10. ^ hahahahahaha lmao
  11. One word: Ontario.
  12. Hopefully if Canada legalizes, the US's war on marijuana will be shot to shit.

    I really can not express how incredibly stupid it is to have this stuff illegal.

    I wish every country legalized the mary jane - the world would be a better place.

  13. i live there
    and i love it :D
    for a while there weren't any posession laws at all, but now under 15g is just a ticket (maximum $400 CAD)
    most cops won't even bother, they just let you off
  14. I'd say within the next 5 - 10 years Marijuana will be Lagalised here in the Uk as for America i wouldn't count on it for a very long time i would be surprised if they ever did personally.
  15. well, lately we've had the stuff about Elizabeth Ivol (commendable) in the UK. then there's re-classification.

    in the netherlands cannabis has been put on sale in pharmacies. hasn't been done for a good 70 years i think in the whole world.
    and as always, the netherlands is defiantly liberal on "soft drugs".

    will anyone go further?

    i've read that article about what New Zealand (maybe?) planning to do. i remember seeing the word "legalisation" used a few times!

    and canada, well i'm sure you all know about canada :)

    it's very gradual, but more and more nations (not just groups or individuals!) are becoming more liberal.

    so YES i do think it will be legalised. in our lifetimes.
  16. sorry guys, but i think england is screwed. blunket is a fuckwit and just isnt playing fair at all. i cannot figure out their hidden agenda, perhaps their saving the RECLASSIFICATION to take effect on the same day as when they need to cover up some other bad news. or maybe their just trying to put it off until the Torries get in power. which, I'm sure i'm not the first when i warn you guys STOP TORY AND LABOUR GETTING INTO POWER! VOTE LIB DEM! they're not perfect, but any fault is made up for by not being labour or conservative.

    Scotland... on the other hand.... if we could give our toy parliment some real power to effect change north of the border, that would be great so we can stop kidding ourselves that we might be slightly more in control of our own future, cos we're not. how about we tear away from the rest of the UK and go join up wit Europe... or turn socialist. :) green party doing a good thing too. lottsa guys want it legalised.. yes, thats right.. there are parties calling out for the LEGALISATION of cannabis up here in scotland... its only torries and labout who dont.

    can anyone spot the big business parties? coughcough.
    ...others include SNP (ok, they're probably much fairer to medium businesses too) and suprisingly... lib dems to some extent too. but at least they're not Labout or Tory.

    - sorry.. stoned rant.
  17. as long as money rules our world.

  18. That comic right there is worth a thousand words.. that is exactly why it isn't legal.. the big hot shots just wont allow it. it's all about the $ .. fucking assholes
  19. teach more people about marijuana, knowlegde is power
  20. It is true they are trying to legalize for home use up to 4 0z of the green. Heres the article im in alaska this is how I know I even saw it on the news. I personally believe weed will be eventually legalized because as we move torwards the future more and more people will try it and realize that its not as bad as all those anti marijuana commercials hype it up to be.

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