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Do you think this would get too hot?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Great Brettian, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Hey GC, I have a question regarding my light/ventilation setup.

    I have a 400w mh/hps lights system and it can be dimmed to 200w and 300w. The problem with it is that my closet is a 2x3ft space and the ducting doesn't fit in the closet when I try to connect it to the hood of my light. In other words I can setup ventilation in my closet but I cant connect the ducting to the light. Do you guys think it would be ok if I just had the carbon filter and exhaust fan hanging above the light? Would the fan still pull the hot air through the carbon filter even though its not connected with ducting? I apologize if what i'm asking is confusing, its kinda hard to explain.
  2. Ummmm, are you really asking if air will be pulled through your carbon filter even if there is no ducting connecting the fan to your filter?
  3. No im asking if you think the fan would be powerful enough to pull the hot air from the light even though its not connected with ducting. The fan is 165cfm and my room is 2x3x8ft
  4. No you will need to hook it all together bro sorry the hoods are set up that way you might be all right if you turned it all the way down have to dry run it to see what your temps are at least then you will have a starting temp and know how far to bring it down as long as you can stay under 85. For 24 hrs it should be good 76 is ideal but you will be on with spikes

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  5. IMO I think it might barley work, 400watters do put out a good amount of heat..if you had a couple small fans blowing between the light and the plants you might be able to get away with having the filter above the light. 4" inline? I'm assuming from the CFM
  6. I mean I can dim it down to 200w, Im only doing one plant. I figure hot air rises and will be blown out and I would have some fans on the floor blowing upwards so im gonna give it a shot.
  7. Growing one plant with that setup is really a waste of energy and resources. You should be growing about 4 to maximize the electricity you're using for just one.

  8. Im going to be scrogging though. Ill probably dim the light to 200w

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