Do you think this will work?(GROWBOX)

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  1. Okay so ill start off by telling you I am new to growing, but have smoked pounds. So I know how to destroy it but learning to create it. I want to grow in a homemade stealth box in my detached garage (not heated). It is winter so I am not 100% sure how I should heat my box and ventilate.

    Heres what I have so far!
    -fully aluminum box (its a bread warmer from subway i didnt get the heating element with it) 14x18x54 inches
    -I can place trays at any height on the box
    -completely light proof
    -styrophome insulation about 2in thick and its white so no paint [​IMG]
    -cfl lighting for now (on timer)

    The plan is to insulate the whole thing, then put a tray at the bottom for a sub-base. I want to put the lighting parallel to each other on the sides. since I can place a tray at any height i will simply lower the tray as my plant grows and add lighting down the sides as needed.

    Here is were I need your help I dont know how to ventilate the box without lowering the temp drastically inside. Its going to be 10 to 45 degrees inside my garage during the grow since its winter. Will the lighting help heat the box. Obviously I will need to heat the box, but i am scared the Styrofoam will catch fire.( I could insulate the outside but that will ruin the stealth look and i will have to put it in my attic wich is last resort frequent trips to my attic may look suspicious). I am thinking about putting a coil heater with thermostat on a tray just below my plants tray. I may use my humidifier on the bottom tray to keep the plants from drying out.

    I am still confused on how i will get ventilation inside the box since it only has one hole about an inch big for the electical cords (I dont want to cut a big hole for a vent becuase this box doubles for my smokehouse.(i hang meat and place hickory wood on a hot plate at the bottom.)

    BTW do you still have to ventilate if i grew useing the bubbleponic method since i could simply run the air hose for the bubbler just outside of the box without makeing a large hole.
    -I have a large co2 tank that I could use for injection( but its empty)

    So what do you think am I on the right track.

    Thx so much, stay smokin stong.....
  2. haha, awesome cabinet. Any pics? I'm curious how the insulation works, as where I plan to is pretty cold for now too :(
  3. pics would deffinatly help but my thought is you might be able to get away with a fan attached to a thermostat to maintain a temp if it gets to high i know from my own experince a sealed or semi sealed enviroment gets super hot even with cfls my box is hovering around 80 f and i am stressing with only cfls and greatful i didnt go hps like i wanted
  4. hey guys sorry i dont have pics im probably going to abort this idea and just wait a few months for a gurilla grow i have tons of thick woods in my local area. But in the mean time i might still try the indoor idea the only problem is its going to be in an attick so if it starts to get warm out the plants will be screwd because it gets pretty stuffy in there.
  5. Why oh Why Sounded So nice man would of got some nice bud from it nice tight bud i would of had fun with that project

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