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Do you think this is wrong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FopopSmokes, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Back when i was at high school, my dad used to give me 30 pound a week, most.. if not all of that would end up going on weed, granted now i pay for it on my own.

    So two questions. Did anyone ever spend their weekly allowance on pot? Or if you ever recieved money from your parents at birthdays or christmas, did it go on the herb we all love oh so much?

    The second question is, do you think you were wrong in doing so, or did you ever feel guilty/bad?
  2. I never got an allowance so I never had the opprotunity to buy weed with it...
    But birthday cash would go to weed usually.

    I never felt bad about it, i was too stoned.
  3. i used to spend all the money my dad gave me on pot. if you dont have to pay for other shit i think its fine.
  4. first thing i thought was he gave you 30 pounds of weed lmao
  5. well one night my mum gave me 20 quid

    and i bought an 8th with it.

    i felt bad at first but then didnt care (when i was high if you didnt guess) hahaha

    but either way, as long as you dont have other shit to pay or end up out of pocket because of it then you should be fine...
  6. All of the money from my parents goes to gasoline, car insurance, and food. I pay for the herb with other money.
  7. I've had a job since I started smoking at 15. I've had one ever since so no. But the birthday money thing was true.
  8. Several years ago, before my parents knew, I asked my dad for $20 for "movie tickets." Felt kinda bad at first, then just reminded myself that weed isnt bad.
  9. Spaz has two looks to this. When ya start off, ya feel like a fiend. Your only source of income going to marijuana, it's understandable. But then you realize it is technically your money, who cares where it went?

    As long as you're not stealing, it's alright man. It's money earned, and money spent anyway you'd like to.
  10. I dont buy pot with my parents money, i work it on my own. cause if my parents will catch me smoking they'll have guilty conceions . and i dont want it to happend.
  11. i think thats what your parents probably would have done back in the 60s
  12. Maybe birthday/christmas money from relatives, but I've never asked my parents for money so I could get weed.

    Then again I've been working since I was 16, and smoking since I was 18. When I was a senior in high school I paid for my lunch everyday, didn't ask for lunch money or anything like that. My parents paid for my car to be registered/insured, but other than that I paid for everything on my own.

    When you work hard for your money, you appreciate everything you spend it on that much more. I like working for the things I have.
  13. I do helpfull things for my rents for my bud money. its a win/win. they get things they need done and I get high every day its perfect.
  14. I used to all the time.

    I see nothing wrong with it. You would spend money you got somewhere else, from someone who hates you, on weed, so why not money given to you by people who care about you so that you could spend and enjoy it how you wished?
  15. If it is the case that they don't want you to do weed, then, yes I think it is wrong.
    However, my parents don't approve of me doing weed, yet they give me money and i spend it on weed anyways. I do feel some guilt, but if it is the case that I don't spend much on it, I don't feel so bad.

    Long story short, if they didn't give you money to spend on weed then I don't think you should. Try to be respectful of your parents wishes. Preaching but not practicing of course :p
  16. Damn so many chitlins smoking herb...grow the fuck up become an adult and then smoke. If some of your folks knew where your little allowance money was going they'd beat that ass which they should - unrighteous little fucks.

    Let the flames begin from the teeny boppers...
  17. #17 Xelo, Sep 11, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 11, 2009
    its cool man, used to do that. they give u money so u can buy something what makes u happy. if u prefer pot over other stuff buy that :smoke:

    Brumac: dont take it seriously bro. ive been smoking since 16 and I WOULDNT RECOMMEND IT TO MINORS but i loved it personally.

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