Do you think this is the reason why most people arent evil

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  1. they simply just dont think about anything cruel because they just sit their and do whatever the hell they need to do like go to work, plan their weekends or eat some food, they dont need to stop themselves being cruel because they dont think about cruelty, theyre someone who needs go about their daily life

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    People probably aren't generally cruel because of the simple fact that it would be counter-productive to the furtherment of the species. You don't see cows fucking each other up for no reason like you do some humans. Cruelty is an abnormality in nature.
  3. well i also think most people just don't talk about it...but really are more cruel than they let on and what others know about it on a small level or a bigger level...

    some people even push the image of being a "good person", like the cases of DSS workers knowing about and doing nothing or causing harm to children, priests that molested children, cops that harm people (arresting wrongfully, lying in court, beating people, planting evidence) and you could go on with that

    I think its just something that doesn't get discussed until its so far out in the daylight you just can't hide it anymore
  4. It's because Satan gets in their minds and makes them do bad stuff. They need an exorcism.
  5. No, I dont think people are simply too distracted to act upon inherent evil. 
  6. I don't think it's possible to not be a cruel person just because you're keeping busy. There are too many personalities and variations of people in the world that any given person can be a cruel sick minded person and you wouldn't even know it. There are killings and other crazy things that happen daily that would be the dead on definition of "cruel." I think what separates us from them is if we intervene when needed. During our everyday lives of work, eating, social activities, or whatever, would you stop a father from hitting his child in the face with a stick? Those actions separate cruel from kindness. You can't forget we live in a chaotic world so try to have faith in people, when that fails have faith in yourself. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. [quote name="240sxLover" post="19352382" timestamp="1389895052"]You don't see cows fucking each other up for no reason like you do some humans. Cruelty is an abnormality in nature.[/quote]Lmfaoo, I imagined that all in my head.Teenage cows going cow tipping and mooing away, hahahaI believe that all Humans are born pure and innocent. Much like a clean slate.As the years pass by, scribbled chalk lines begin to appear, it is the hardships of society that draws such ugly pictures.I believe that modern society blackens the soul, this is why monks who live with each other in the mountains are so peaceful and down to earth.It is constant fear of not having enough money/love/goods/power, that brings us towards cruelty.I think cruelty originates from your living conditions: peers, culture, childhood, etcThough it is not solely living conditions that defines cruelty in a human. They're mindset or way of thinking plays a major role as well.If a person is naturally good natured, having a set of moral values, true emotion, a understanding that the world is composed of other individuals and that the world does not revolve around him/her, then that cruelty will not appear physically.It is impossible to have a life without thinking of a single cruel thought. We say it is human nature, but on closer observation, it is society affect on us that formulates cruel thought.I'd like to end my thoughts with this: cruelty stems off arrogance. Every cruel person believes that he/she is better than the other, therefore he may do "whatever" he/she wants. It is being inconsiderate that leads to cruelty.Show effort in being nice, don't be a fag, but be respectful and considerate.If you find yourself being cruel to someone, stop and think, "is it a genuine dislike for this person or am I the asshole of this scene?"Try not to be an anus of the moment.~1996 Jiggawattz~

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