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  1. I'm just a new one in planting. Before planting, I consider if my tent needs a bottom tray mat for my plant to extend my tent's lifespan.
    I can't predict my plant's growth situation. Does it seep through water? What mats do you put on when you plant?
    Can anyone give me some advices about it?
    I bought a silicone mat for my 2x2 grow tent after searching. He designed it with grooves. It is easy to clean, anti-dust and waterproof. Just like the following pictures.
    Unfortunately it's not the right size.
    Can you tell me if the mat is necessary or useful in tent?
    What would you use in your tent to prevent water and dirt? Please share your opinions.
    Thanks for your time.

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  2. I'd get a drain tray, and build something to put it on so you can drain into a bucket or other easy to empty container. You can also get a pump for said container set to empty automatically.

    It wouldn't hurt to put a tarp or plastic liner under the tent as well if you are going to be sloppy with your watering or spraying for IPM.
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  3. U can buy drip pans to put ur pot directly in because u will be watering till runoff..I bought the sponge mats (walmart 12$ for 4) for the floor because my tent is on cold concrete basement floor but I still put my drip pans under the pots, or u can use a boot tray..anything with a lip to it really to avoid overflow..and clean as u go..u spill something clean it up..maybe its the mom side of me but I keep my area/supplies pretty clean..mess can attract bugs/insects, bacteria, mold..

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  4. and if you do buy trays dont forget to empty them after about an hour dont let the pots stay in the run off to long .it may cause some root rot if left in the tray to long ...all the best ......mac

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