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  1. Here's my story, it's pretty long so hear me out...

    I was smoking on these stairs down the street from my school that everyone smokes on. I was with this chick who I'm really good friends with and she also happens to be my dealer. We smoke a bowl and are pretty damn ripped when all of the sudden a cop comes up behind us. This cop is obviously out to get someone, and he was acting like a real jerk. He asked to search my pockets, and I had a dub sack that I had just bought from her. Then he asks to search her purse and finds her pipe and a jar full of weed.
    The guy brings us to the car and does background reports on us, and then drives as back to school where we have to talk to the vice-principle. Apparantly we were on school property even though we were like a block away.
    Two cops and the vice-principle questioned us separately, and in the end our stories didn't match, so she had to confess that she had sold the weed to me. The cops cuff her and arrest her. I get charged with a misdemeanor and she gets charged with a felony. I get suspended for three days and she gets suspended for five days.

    The next day though, they drop the felony charge and change it to a misdemeanor for her. We were both pretty happy about that, but then two days later the fuckin administration changes their minds and decides to expel her from school.

    The questions I have are this...
    1. Do you think it is fair for her to be expelled from school for selling a 20 sack, even though the police didn't even charge her with a felony? Also, is there anything I can do to make them see how ludicrous it is to expel a 17 year old for a petty crime when there are gang-members and people with firearms lurking around our school?
    2. Since I am 18, will the misdemeanor be on my permanent record, or can I get it erased?
    3. She is 17, so will the miss-D be wiped off her record when she turns 18?

    Thanks, look forward to hearing thoughts
  2. 1. No man i dont think thats fair but i doubt your gonna change the schools mind. Im sure the school will be feeling good about getting a 'dangerous drug dealer' out of there. You know how that bullshit is

    2. Yes i believe so

    3. Not sure about that one
  3. 3 years for a misdemeanor, adult or juvenile. (where I'm from) [To clean the record]

    Also, "the school can do whatever the fuck they want." Literally. My lawyer told me this, when I got kicked out of school. Also, the superintendent said this, and my lawyer came back with "you're right, but is it right?" To which the superintendent replied, "ours is not to question why..." so then that got me wondering what I spent the money on a lawyer for... I was stuck in an extremely similar situation to the girl in this story.
  4. Yeah it really sucks. I feel really bad too because I feel like it was partially my fault that she got expelled. She says I shouldn't, but I still feel really guilty.
  5. High Schools are the cesspools of administrative scum bags and sadists that couldnt cut it in the business world.

    That sux they expelled her man. The same thing happened to a smoke buddy of mine cept he actually dealed on campus (dick move on his part).
  6. Yeah I think that its dumb that someone could be so screwed up to expel a perfectly good hearted and peaceful 17 year old for a little mistake. What ever happened to second chances?

    My other question is...does the cop have legal right to search her purse and my pockets?
  7. the key to getting busted with off campus activities, at least where im from, is dont have a backpack with school stuff in it. In my area the school is responsible for me from the minute i leave home to the minute i get back. So if you are walking home from school smoking a blunt and get caught, the cop can then take you to school and the school has the ability to punish you because you are not home yet and technically still under their supervision
  8. No, not without probably cause, but they sure as hell wont tell you that. But i guess if you guys were smoking he could say he smelled it
  9. That's what he said, but still, if I brought it up in court do you think it would be a good idea.
  10. Probably not, since it would be your word against his
  11. at my high school, you'd have to get caught selling weed like 10 times before they'd even consider calling the cops, and my school was preppy as hell..

    then again, i know someone who got caught selling crack downtown in front of the regent hotel, had the money/drugs removed from them, and they were cuffed..
    then let go, and given the money

    ya i dont get it either. :/
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    from the way u told the story it sounds like u could have gotten outta that easily...when he came up behind you if you didnt have a bowl or joint or whatever u smoked out of out in the open and were just chillen then u could have simply said no officer...u cannot search me...cops need legit reasons to search u...they cant just search you cuz they wanna...sounds like to me your lack of knowldege about your rights just completely fucked you over big time...THIS IS WHY STONERS SHUD KNOW THEIR RIGHTS

    and if it was her first offense then i seriously doubt she got a felony...felonies are sentences in prison that are about 2 years to 2 and a half years minimum (depends on which state u live mass its 2 1/2)...for weed u shudnt be getting felonies for selling

  13. when you read that did you just stop mid-sentence?

  14. lol after i posted it i went up and re-read it and didnt feel like editing it haha...but still i was a criminal justice major in college so i know my shit haha
  15. If you were on school property, or on your way to or from the school then they can still punish you if they so choose. at least at my school thats how it is.
  16. Yeah man me and a few buddies got caught smoking BEFORE school and two of my friends got kicked out, i got suspended for three weeks (couldn't attend graduation) but still was able to graduate, and the kid who NARKED us out got to stay at school...

    but ppl gave him so much shit that he ended up leaving anyway haha.

    its bullshit but they have to "protect their clean image"

    cuz a bunch of kids smoking a plant and sitting in class peacefully are doing a LOT WRONG...ok? /sarcasm...
  17. I hate how perfectly peaceful stoners get so much crap for doing nothing
  18. yeaa she should
  19. Im not sure if this is done nationwide or not, but where I went to school they considered the bus stops part of school property. So if you got in a fight or in got in some trouble at the bustop or near it, then its considered on school property.

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