do you think this girl likes me?

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  1. so i like this freshman girl, im a junior. she came onto me. we met in like the beginning of april, she introduced herself to me because her mom works with my mom, my sister is in her grade and she recognized my name. we started talking a bunch during track and when she sees me in the hallway she always says "hi!" and smiles, and often touches me (like grabs/squeezes my arm) while she passes by. it was my birthday back in april and she got me a little present (a product from the company that our moms work for) as a little joke, remind you, she had known me for probably a weed or two tops. she does initiate a lot of conversation, asks a lot of questions, looks at me a good amount, has asked to use my sweatshirt before (wasnt even that cold out)... i told her friend i thought she (the girl i like) was cute and she mentioned us being a couple, but she was joking. (another friend said something about us being together too).

    another thing, my mom always asks about her. my mom thinks that this girl likes me, as well as her friends (she might know something i dont... shes pretty close with the girl i like's mom). my sister said that this girl used to to her about me a lot when i first met her, but she doesnt as much anymore. also, the girl's mom thinks i am cute, as well as her friends mom, and her friends (if that means anything, a TON of moms think i am good looking, idk why.), im sure she thinks im at least cute, and i think she asks about me a lot too.

    lastly, i dont flirt with her AT ALL. if i have it was very casual and accidental and i havent complimented her or dropped hints or anything yet, so i could see her maybe liking me but not knowing how i felt....? either way, she continues to flirt. lately i havent talked to her as much anymore cuz track is over and i dont know what to do. i dont see her in the hallways as much, only for a minute or two a time at most. i REALLY like her! but i feel like she is just really popular and flirty with everyone. she and all of her friends just seem to be really flirty with a bunch of guys, and are all really friendly. in fact, i told one of her friends (she has a boyfriend) that they were all really flirty, she apologized and seriously didnt realize it. please help me out here... i gotta make a move soon cuz school is almost over. but idk if i even should

    god damn i need to chill and smoke some weed, but seriously, if you have any idea, please help me out
  2. she wants it....
  3. i know i seem crazy, but im being serious... if your gonna answer it at least be honest please.
  4. This is all I read. You're either that dense, or just ..

    nvm, you're just that dense. Touch her already, you wimp.
  5. this.... and I was being serious. Girls are not nearly as complicated as you might think.
  6. lol agreed
  7. yeah but shes really flirty with everyone... maybe im just overthinking it. i do have low confidence so that could be a part of it. and no, i am rather smart, but thank you for pointing out how ridiculous im being right now
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    i feel like this goes in line with yours, OP

    does this girl like me if i make her laugh really hard, and during a jenga drinking game i dared her to kiss me..

    does that mean she wants my caulk?

  9. what kind of stuntindaddy are you smash dat pussy

  10. Depends my man did she give you some Lip or not?(Pun intended)
  11. hahahah no tongue, but it was a pretty sensual, drunken smooch :devious:
  12. I think what he meant by 'lip' was...

    head. ;)

    or I could be mistaken. :)
  13. god... i wish
  14. well as a general rule of thumb, as soon as i am even slightly physically touched - it's on like donkey kong so to speak.

  15. lol.

    homie just be sincere.

    if you feel like touching, touch.

    is nothing weird, all it is you establishing a connection.

    i didnt even read ya post, just skimmed down the page.
    and i can already tell that she wants your dick.

  16. Exactly man if your not a stuntindaddy why call yourself that?
    My name is CABNumber because I drive a Cab and I make mad amount's of dinero.

    Do you do stunts and have a child?JK Hahah trolling is amusing.:smoke: FUCK IM HIGH.
  17. OP, you clearly already know the answer to your question.

    The real question is why haven't you done anything about it?
  18. Freudian slip there, perhaps? :D

    You've got weed on the brain, my friend. It's clouding your other head that is screaming for you to fuck something already.

    Stop being so shy and talk to her already.

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