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do you think they are going to die!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by wattew, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. Hi all...

    Another worried day for me!! Do you think there is somthing wrong with my plants, as the leaves look to be going a funny shape????..

    Thanks all advice appreciated.

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  2. Another

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  3. ..

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  4. hi Bob..

    Plants are 3 & half wks old........I have...

    1x 3ft by 6ft wardrobe
    4x 35 watt fluro about 2 inches from plants
    1x 400watt hps (not using a moment just using fluro)
    1x Bathroom extractor fan
    1x ocilating fan (standard desk type)
    1x thermometer
    1 x ph reader
    2x computers fans running to help with air circulation.

    Miracle Grow (Not using yet)
    Tomato high grade soil 25% vermiculate % 25% perlite.
    Large buckets that the plants are planted in
    Water every three or so days depending on dryness when feeling an inch down in soil.
    Temp aroung 25 degrees.
    PH 6.5

    I wish i new the problem as apart from leaves its growing every day and looks relativley healthy.

    Thanks for help
  5. Do you just use hps then ???
  6. As long as you have at least 2500 lumens per square foot you are fine for lighting (2x 35 watt fluros together give off about 3000 lumens). So your lighing is FINE.

    To much nitrogen leads to difformaties.

    I don't mean to say what Beard_Bob is saying is wrong, but I hate it when people blame things on poor lighting, your plant is green which means it has chloroplasts, and is photosynthesising, as long as it is doing this, you can be sure you have enough light.

    Your plant's soil may have come with pre-added nutrients, just don't add any extra nutrients and it should be fine
  7. i know many people say its great to fert when young but i wouldnt start with ferts untill it gets to its 4 or 8 true leaves make sure there is proper drain holes on the bottom try to stay away from mircle grow products because i find that it adds to much salt into the soil.the best thing to use is organic suplies ferts and soil it will cut your use of perlite because some has a special sand inside of it for drainige your light seems ok but make sure you have a fan blowing on the plant so it will thicken up

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