Do you think these can be a magazine cover?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dreadlocker, May 10, 2011.

  1. or do u think they are to generic/boring?


  2. Maybe the second one, first isn't vibrant enough.
  3. yea but itll look dope with font black fill green outline (to match leaves)

    maybe its cuz i edit on a laptop :p
  4. u should make a magazine cover urself on photoshop or the like. the 2nd one is dope
  5. 2nd one looks sick
  6. good idea ill do that now. stay tuned
  7. Gonna have to go with everyone, second one is badass. :D

    I hate when High Times or whatever post pictures of just the plant or whatever. Spice it up and shit, most people who don't grow don't wanna just look at a plant.
  8. Looks badass Dreadlocker!
  9. i know now to convince high times LOL
  10. second pic for sure.
  11. Aw shit dude! Haha, very nice!
  12. ty ty i had fun
  13. well shit man thats what i had envisioned. great job:) :smoke:
  14. Quoted for truth :smoke:
  15. nice plants but they look like there is a few deficiencies there, thats the only reason why i think it wouldn't be on a high times cover.
  16. what defciencies? its a TLO organic grow, and according to local heads, some of the best smoke grown in my city :)

    Not my plants btw.
  17. Oh Oh Oh Oh , Can you make one of those nifty High Times cover's for this shot???


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