Do you think there was Dinosaur Weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by dragon999, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Do you think that in prehistoric times there was cannabis on the planet? Like I'm imagining some gigantic plants like 20 or 30 feet tall with MANGO SIZED CALYXES oozing resin with trichomes the size of your pinky.

    Imagine like putting like a trichome cap in your bowl and just smoking that. Haha, one resin gland and just being blaaaassted. :hippie::smoke:
    Then suddenly a trex bites your head off.
  2. someones stoned
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    And watched Jurassic Park.
  4. I would imagine, I believe cannabis has been evolving alongside life ever since. Unless it's of course a magical plant. Woot!
  5. Damn i'm jealous of dinosaurs
  6. Why do you think cavemen invented fire?
  7. That's a funny highdea

  8. Lol, Very true, upon posting this. But I don't remember what exactly spawned the idea.. maybe it was some show about the history of cannabis.
  9. it probably would have just been a giant hemp plant, cause the weed we smoke doesnt grow like that, you gotta tend to that shit.
  10. yeah, i doubt there would be much, if any quality smokable plants seeing as how back then the males and the females were mixed in with eachother. good weed only came around recently in history when humans realized we needed to separate the male plants from the female plants.
  11. Yeah, very true. It'd be like the wild shwag growing in the mountains, only gigantic. But maybe there was some lonely female,... a seed that got carried away on a pterodactyl's ass. Then landed in a tropical patch of rich soil next to a spring. And then grew out to be this beautiful diamond in the middle of the jungle...:hippie:
  12. me I'm an expert...wasn't quality though and we didn't have any Hendrix to listen to.
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  14. survival of the fittest :smoking:
  15. And drew shit all over their cave walls - and could only say, "ugh". And they kept their pot in Pleistocene baggies...

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