Do you think there is any game that is perfect for getting stoned with?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by milkdog666, Sep 25, 2018.

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  1. Sports, video games, card games, board game? Any game? I like some texas hold 'em now and then after I toke. But I don't think there's a game that caters to stoners's such an individual thing, ya know? Amusement parks are great fun with the right strain!!!! Ya gotta buy the fast pass though :D t's not technically a game...but they have games there!
  2. No video games here. Can’t stand them. Maybe some Golf Clash. I always like getting stoned and enjoying the outdoors. Fishing on a pristine lake or stream, hiking in the woods, hanging some tree stands for the upcoming hunt.
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  3. how about man vs Wild? Anyone play this game? :love-m3j:
  4. Fortnite !!!!
  5. New Vegas.
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  6. I love gaming stoned. Elite: Dangerous is my current favorite.

    Computer gaming aficionados know the original Elite as one of the iconic and trans-figurative game programs that laid the groundwork for modern gaming. Elite was the first software title produced that featured a game without scores, and an open ended game at that. (Before Elite, all computer games followed a 'high score and three lives' format of one sort or another.) It was also the first game to produce a real time, procedurally generated 'universe' using wire frame graphics and relying on the fact that space is mostly black to allow them to simulate real time animation with just a few lines. That was an amazing achievement on 64k eight bit systems! Instead of having points and high scores, the developers implemented a trade system with a wide array of goods that could be traded for profit (or loss, if done poorly!) including illegal and contraband items, and differing political systems with different reactions: like in an anarchy system you could trade drugs and slaves and be okay, but if you showed up in Empire systems with such a cargo you'd be fired upon by not only the local authorities but also the local space station and any other bounty hunter who happened to be near by.

    Fast forward thirty years and you've got basically the same game, but the playing board has expanded to include the entire Milky Way galaxy, it has become an MMO for Mac, Windows, PS4 and Xbox, and the graphics are now what you would expect in 2018. Breathtaking!

    Now, for being stoned and playing the game, there's two things that stand out above everything else: flying in space and docking a spacecraft! When you're flying in space, it's like you're there. The graphics are very immersive... particularly if you have a VR (Oculus Rift) setup, but even on a flat screen monitor. It's awesome. Be sure to take a hit right before you go into hyperspace. You're welcome. :) Docking and undocking are the first two challenges you will face as a new pilot, and believe me, it's a steep learning curve at first! Be prepared to crash a lot. lol Once you have it down, it's a lot of fun... and it never stops being a bit of a challenge. For the wickedly talented, try docking with pilot assist off. Be prepared to crash a lot more! :D

    There is quite a detailed socio/political subgame that is influenced by player actions on behalf of various factions and powers. There are three major powers, each divided into various factions, and within these factions, sub-groups seeking to become more powerful. How the powers, factions, and groups deal with each other is influenced by player actions, but also by socio/political orientation ranging from anarchies and feudal states to democracies and corporate states.


    Amazing graphics and very detailed simulation mechanics make this a gamer's delight, but much of the game play must be peopled by the imagination: there is very little voice acting and no cinematic or cut-scene graphics in the game at all. Nevertheless, the stellar graphics and flawless flight mechanics make this one of my all time favorites for getting spaced out and spacing out. In space. ;)
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  7. with other people..yes.
    That game where you put the plastic thing in your mouth and answer questions; "Watch ya mouth!"
  8. I think Minecraft is a good “high” game. You can use your maximum creativity potential. Sounds fun at the moment. *Turns on Xbox.
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  9. Factorio is amazing. Beware you will lose many hours of your life to this addiction...

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  10. Depends what you like I guess. Right now I’m on Dark Souls 3 and RDR2. Sometimes I jump back on my 360 and play old ass games. Elder Scrolls series is an obvious solid as well.
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  11. Red dead 2 atm for me lol been playing it since release
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  12. I love playing gta5 use cheat codes to get the best vehicles and money and just drive around with the radio set to the classic rock
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  13. Being high doesnt really effect my game choice as much as general mood. Some days it's fun to play a sports, or a driving game if I want to play something that doesn't require much thought or effort. I am not a huge fan of games that are strictly shooters, like the Call of Duty or Battlefield series, but some times enjoy games like Destiny 2 that are more open world style shooters. My favorite games to play if I want to get baked and play for hours are open world games like GTA V, Red Dead 2, or even the more classic mmorpg types like Elder Scrolls Online. The Assassins Creed games are good open world games as well, but I could never get in to the story line and find myself bored with the game play after a few hours.
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  14. I've been enjoying Red Dead 2 lately. Usually I play Rainbow Six Siege, though. No Man's Sky is good, too.
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  15. Backgammon

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  16. Hell yeah Red Deads the 1 when high dude, even just looking at the scenery is fun while high lol

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  17. I really like racing games. I think they’re fun stoned or not.

    I think I like them a lot because it’s probably gonna be the closest thing I get to driving a super car.
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  18. This is a weird place to be for someone who “can’t stand video games”. Just sayin....
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