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Do You Think Their Could Be Downfalls to Legalizing Marijuana?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by belts, Jan 2, 2013.

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    To set the record straight; I support legalization.

    Now you probably going to read the title and think this is dumb because what could be wrong with full legalization? Nothing.

    But I've just thought about this: What if legalization led to a worse product for the consumers?

    Take for instance the tobacco industry. Commercial tobacco companies induce nearly 600 additives into their cigarettes to enhance their product. Now I am not well versed in the subject of Natural Tobacco vs Commercial Tobacco, and while I know tobacco will still kill you in the long run, my guess is that smoking Natural Tobacco is less harmful and less addictive due to it not having the additives that commercial cigarettes have.

    Now, after that little background, what if the same happened for the Marijuana Industry? If there was full legalization, do you think the industry would be run by these large corporations that in order to speed the process of growth of their product or to intensify the high, etc., they will add certain chemicals to do so?
    Do you think by legalizing it completely it will destroy the product due to large corporation's love for money? Because time is money and growing marijuana well, takes time and effort. With full legalization I feel like they will just mass produce it with no care and just add chemicals and additives to simulate the same effects as well grown weed.

    Now, by no means am I saying this stuff will ever happen but it's just a thought i had..

    Thoughts? if any? :wave:
  2. Yes I absolutely due.

    TBH I have mixed feelings about it. In one sense it would be nice to just smoke wherever you want, buy it with no hassle, etc, that would be so much more convenient and socially acceptable. On the other hand, I fear the commercialization of weed would like the quality of it. Like you said, I have no idea what kind of chemicals and additives they MIGHT add to it so it looks like it has more crystals or whatever the fuck..
    I dunno i could just be wrong though...:bongin:
  3. I definitely agree with your statement, it most certainly not a dumb question to ask as we are seeing more states and Americans in general in favor of the legalization of medical or recreational use of marijuana.
    I think the best way would be to grow, but of course not everyone has the time to grow and care for their sweet Maryjane.
    Let's just hope for the best; however, I do like where the U.S. is heading concerning marijuana.

    Sorry if its bulky, on my phone.
  4. I think the most major downfalls will come from not legalizing it.Our country is starting to see that now.The downfalls of legalizing it are few...Downfalls of not legalizing it are many.

  5. While I totally agree with this, the specific con of inducing certain additives/chemicals to do some of the specific things I posted about above, (Speeding up the growth process) is a big downfall in my eyes.

    Now obviously there is the obvious route around this and say, "Start growing yourself and you won't have to deal with possible commercialization." But not everyone has the capability (such as myself due to living in a dorm), capacity, time, patience or money to start growing.

    I do agree with you the pros definitely outweigh the cons but the thought of commercialization is a big concern to me. That's all!
  6. Thats whats wonderful about Cannabis! It is a plant, we can grow and sell our own to others and I'm betting many people will pay a private grower to buy natural cannabis instead of a store that is overtaxing and overpricing in general, Cannabis.

  7. As is Tobacco. We can grow it ourselves and/or buy it from other private growers. But we, as a society, don't because of the time, effort, and patience that growing the plant requires.

    It is much more accessible, easy, and consumes little to no time to go to the store and purchase a pack of cigarettes.

    Being lazy like our society is, we take the easy route always in order to fulfill our needs/wants. It's unfortunate but true. Which is the easier option? To call up a buddy, who may not be home, done growing, etc, for some bud when you can go to the store and purchase some and walk out, ready to be smoked. It gives you the same effects due to such additives/chemicals but is more harmful.

    Now this is all just speculation. I'm not sitting here saying there are certain additives that can give the same effects as Cannabis but they come up with the craziest things. So this is all just hypothetical. :hello:
  8. Most people smoke weed for the fact that its not very addictive and certainly not harmful, i believe this is very possible that businesses could add shit but not many would smoke it. We could all still grow seeds. I just think we should try decriminalizing it . Also, it will never be legalized because they can't tax it.

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