Do you think the Colbert Report/Daily show are stupid or true?

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  1. I used to HATE those shows and hosts. I coudln't stand turning the tv on and seeing them act like fools and embarrass and disrespect whoever they interview on the show. And thought you cannot be this dumb when talking about serious topics. But as I got older over the years I realized something. Politics are just that. The topic of politics and world news is so. fucking. dumb, that that's exactly the way you need to be in order to report on them. I get more real information on news than on CNN or Fox and other big companies. Your thoughts?
    you realize those shows are for JOKES right???
    they come on COMEDY central...
  3. It is just a funny spin on a few events. Some already pretty funny.
  4. John has lost his touch, hes not nearly as funny anymore and Colbert is usually just fucking hilarious 
    Yea they switched, used to be the other way. Guess writers came and went haha
  6. Even cnn has guest some time that you wonder if there getting kick backs from the anti MMJ movement and all that
  7. Stewart > Colbert
  8. Yeah I'm more of a Stewart fan.

    Love satire news though. The Onion is always pulling good ones on real events.
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    colbert used to be way funnier in my opinion. in the last couple years he became a late night talk show kind of thing, doesnt work for me. stewart is still pretty on point though. 
  10. In comparison to the actual news that is being done this shit is very informative, smart and funny.
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    Yes, the show is a actually news reporting show with a satire spin on politics of the modern day. It kind of reminds me of stories from the past that are just that, satire. I love Stewart because he tells the raw truth. Colbert seems a bit more on the modest side and not really as open as Stewart.
  12. they both are great I watch them on their web pages
  13. They're just yellow journalists looking for shock value.
  14. daily show, into the trash it goes
    Colbert = good silly laffs.
    it is known.
  15. The problem is kids use them as their only news source.
  16. theres a problem when anyone of any age uses any one spot as a news source.
  17. [​IMG]
    Colbert knows how hot I am!
    Not really sure what Stewart is thinking!
    Their news is more informative than cable news
  19. No news is good news.
    Let's be realists...

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