Do you think Swiftkaratechop smokes weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by _Salty_, Jun 3, 2009.

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    for those of you who dont know who he is, hes really popular on youtube and hes probably my favorite subscription.

    Honestly I dont think he smokes weed...what do you think?
  2. I don't care if he does or does not. Is he one of those "LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE" video bloggers?
  3. what...who?
  4. i think thats you
  5. lol no hes not a brittany guy. he has his own show, and he makes me laugh so hard. you guys shoud go watch and start with ask swifty ep.1

    its not me either, I wish it was though
  6. That guy has a punchable face.
  7. come on really, hes a nice guy and hes really funny
  8. Aw it sounds like someone has a crush!:love:
  9. eh I dont know, yeah maybe, but hed never go for someone like me haha. honestly, I think I might be lesbian....
  10. Aww, don't say that. I'm sure you're beautiful!
  11. Im not so sure...
  12. I beg to differ, Ive never been in a relationship

  13. oh he does i wanna punch his nose! then cut the sides of his hair
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    I had a look, and he just seems like an alright guy.

    Not really my cup of tea to watch someone talking into a webcam, but hes probably a decent fella.

    Edit : haha, he'd actually probs be a really good presenter for MTV or some shit..
  15. diggin the morning entertainment!! :D:hello:
  16. thank you for that reasonable and unbiased answer
  17. Wow, I really hate that guy. I took a look at a couple of his videos and he just really irritated me, fair enough I haven't really given him much of a chance but he seems like one of those 'Make erratic movements and say random phrases' 'commedians', not really my type of humour....

    And, I could care less whether or not he smokes weed.
  18. I dont care if he does either, Im just curious, is that such a crime
  19. I never said it was such a crime, merely that I don't care whether or not he does. Although, you clearly care enough to make a thread about it.

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