Do you think something like the Apocalypse would ever happen?

Discussion in 'General' started by LoveisKind, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. Watching a movie on Netflix, where this apocalyptic world resulted from vampires. It's pretty good. Anyway, do you think this would ever really happen in reality where people or some other reason causes the end of the world to where there are few survivors?

  2. Nah

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  3. I'm pretty sure if something causes the apocalypse, it will be a natural phenomenon, not a supernatural being.
    I hope I'm high if I'm alive when it happens.
  4. I'm more scared of a nuclear holocaust or an asteroid. Viruses and those types of apocalypses are survivable
  5. I think the small ebola scare showed the vulnerability of our society
  6. Only thing im worried abou is how much xmas is going to cost me this year lol

    I seem to spend more as i get older

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  7. absolutely
  8. I sure the fuck hope so, what the else am I going to do with this stock piled canned spam and ammunition

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  9. Easily
    Virus, Power Grid, War.
  10. Nothing cool like the movies.

    I believe in economic collapse.
  11. mankind will wipe itself out before nature even gets a chance.
  12. On a long enough time line, yes. It's an enivitability.
  13. Not only will it ever happen it WILL happen.. and it HAS happened.. If someone or something dosent fuck humanity over, the sun will eventually die out.
  14. This.
  15. I hope so. 
    I'm waiting for some action, man  :smoking:
  16. Yes, but I would not want to live in it.
  17. Sooner than we think

    'Too blessed to be stressed'
  18. was thinking about some of this shit doing catch up on The Walking apocalyptic event is an entirely believable possibility... it just requires the right shit to hit the wrong fan at the worst possible time...a cascade event starts, and world society crumbles to a point where it could take years to rebuild...assuming enough of the right people were left to do so.
    looking at the idea of how stressful post-apocalyptic environments can be without the right stuff...those years could prove too much for a lot of people.
  19. I hope so i been ready for a long time.

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