Do you think Republicans or Democrats are more helpful for the legalization effort!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by green4bud, May 23, 2006.

  1. After what Frank M. of Alaska did in office for Alaska and the fact more repub. then demcs. backed him from the senate and house, I say democrats are the ones I want in office!:D
  2. In the movie Grass Jimmy Carter was going to do it but the heat came on him then so he didn't but we were so close not to long ago and Jimmy was a democrat.
  3. Weed smoking knows no political party.
  4. What about the Marijuana Party? :wave:

    Personally i think that the ideals that republicans hold (eg. Small govt and fewer regulations on individuals) is better. However i think in practice, Democrats have proven to be more tolerant and realistic (eg. people are going to do it anyways so lets regulate it [eg. california mmj] ).

    I'd say libertarians are the best for us.
  5. as much as i dont like them, only the dems coudl get it many reublicans think their the proffit of god.
  6. I only say Democrats because most of the coastal states in the US are leniant twoards marijuana and most of those states are majority liberal.
  7. One of my genuine motives of this thread was to demonstrate to the uneducated that time has proven democrats to be more on OUR side then republic.:smoking:
  8. I would never vote for an individual soley because they are pro-marijuana legalization. As nice as it would be, other priorities are there for me... and when I cash a welfare check for an individual only to see him go straight to the liquor aisle, I know exactly who I don't want in office ;) I don't want to be paying even more for them to buy Crown Royal when they should only be buying Four Roses.

  9. veterans benefits and marijuana tendancies are the only issues I honestly care about.

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