Do you think politicians should be drug tested daily?

Discussion in 'General' started by mietoe, Sep 4, 2008.

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    Hear me out.

    Im not for drug testing for employment, as I believe it's a total invasion of privacy, and the unfortunate fact is the real drug they're testing for is marijuana. But seeing how so many jobs require a pre-employment urine test and disclose a policy for random tests, mostly because of insurance policies, I see it fit for politicians to be drug tested and have the results be public record.

    As Im sure many of our nations leaders are on some kind of drugs both legal and prescription, I'd like to see the shock and change if daily drug testing was instilled. Daily testing and not random because; there could be no chance of cleaning up or faking test results, and the records of prescription drug use would be accurate to the day. And therefore we could see whos using all kinds of barbituates and opiates. I'm sure if instilled, the policy would force resignment for a remarkable number of politicians, and more importantly would require the rest to clean up.

    Also as being an invasion of privacy, this would bring the invasion of the common peoples privacy right home to all the politicians who cant at all relate. And if anyones lives should be made public, it should be the leaders of the free world, no? Thats something they kind of sign up for anyhow. I would think that if the public demanded a small invasion into the privacy of our leaders, that they would hesitate passing anymore laws directly invading ours.

    So my basic point, lets test our leaders and make the results public and get rid of the ones who are blowing coke off hookers ass's, and popping vicodin like m&m's, and in the process bring the invasion of privacy issues right in their own home. If you have to piss in a cup to make sandwiches, shouldnt the guy who decides who we bomb have to do the same?

    Thanks, Im excited to see your response.
    michael s.
    a concerned citizen

    This might also push medical marijuana to the forefront.
  2. Hmm...

    The way I see it, the drug testing industry exists solely for those who smoke pot.

    As it's pretty much the only one that stays in your system for any length of time, finding our coke'd out politicians will be harder then finding the ones that smoke the herb. :smoking:

  3. uhh hense the daily testing.... making it impossible for them to do any drugs. thanks for read *sigh*

  4. Even then, you'd be getting the cool politicians who are for the herb. I'm sure there are politicians who are for legalization, there just aren't any who are willing to take a strong stance for federal legalization. :(

  5. i personally think if youre in that type of position you have to be willing to make just about any personal sacrifice for the sake of change. if passing my drugtests means quitting drugs so i can stay in office, and staying in office means making change for my state, my country or the world, then its probably fucking worth it. and this issue isnt about legalization, its about getting the scum out of office.
  6. While your idea would definitely work then, don't think that you'll be able to get this passed into law anytime soon. :smoking:

    If they can drug test us, we should be able to drug test them.

    Checks and balances.
  7. im glad your seeing my point now. talk about checking the balance. we live in a country where the majority is supposed to rule, so if the majority would want drug testing for elected officals, then we should have it. thats why i wanted to see how negative the result would be from a community of people that would probably be the most likely to oppose the idea.
  8. Shit yeah, the people with more power and responsibilities should be held much more accountable than regular citizens, be they politicians or public servers or even millionaires who just make money and do nothing for the community.

    If a janitor or someone screws up, the consequences won´t be that big, maybe someone will slip on a wet floor or something and that´s it. (although the states are pretty sue-happy so...)

    But if a politician screws up he´s potentially fucking up someones life.

    Like Billionfold said, checks and balances.

    Or we could just go the Chinese route and execute the ones who fuck up, maybe they´ll get it straight and learn to govern for the people.
  9. Definately.
  10. To get a minimum wage job, sometimes one must pee in a cup. So why if politicians have risen into power should they get out of it? And if they get annoyed by it, maybe they will realize how stupid and invasion of privacy drug testing is, thus eliminating this gross violation of human rights.

    This country makes me sick, I say drug test their asses, see how they like it.
  11. Daily drug testing for all politicians would be a huge [wasted] expense, so I'm going to say no.
  12. would b interesting to see, i doubt it will ever happen though
  13. As said here, daily drug testing is way to much of a financial problem. The ideas been tossed around the sports and entertainment industry for years now to try and prevent steroid use, and even in a multi billion dollar industry its too expensive to make happen.

    Theres no way in a time where people are screaming recession that theyre going to blow millions if not billions on simply drugtesting people every day.

    I voted yes, because I'd love to see it happen. But in all reality its simply not possible to do.

  14. Well put, bro. :smoking:
  15. I can understand what you mean in terms of fairness, but saying that you want it made known that politicians who smoke weed so that they'll lose their jobs means that you think that there's something wrong with smoking and that those who do it should be punished.

    If weed isn't harmful or inherently bad, then it's ok for people to smoke, and as long as politicians aren't smoking on the job why should they be punished any more than a regular citizen ought to be? Spreading the unfairness for any reason doesn't seem like it would solve the problem; an analogous example would be like slavery in the US, only instead of getting rid of the institution (and thus the unfair laws that allow it) someone expanded the practice so that anyone could be enslaved regardless of race, class, etc. It might make the institution itself more just in practice, but it would still be playing into something that is wrong to start with.
  16. ^Another well put point. :smoking:
  17. Nah. Once a month or once every 2 weeks should be good. But past that youre just wasting my money in another way. Thanks politicians!
  18. Easy solution: file the drug testing under the defense budget.
  19. Its a dumb idea no matter where you file it. If they got drugtested everyday, which they probably wouldnt do anyways, the politicians just wouldnt do any drugs man.

    You know, I had a huge response typed to this, and I hit a button on my keyboard and POOF all that shit is gone except whats above this...
  20. drug tested. . . . fuck that. . . no



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