Do you think people see you as you appear in a picture or mirror?

Discussion in 'General' started by Hiiiibbbb, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. I always ponder that. It ties my mind in too many knots so I stopped trying
  2. ooo thats a toughy. Are u implying that our eyes see our face, but then other people see us differently?

    like is my blue ur red?

    I personally think people see me as a handsome guy, but i don't see it, cause i am so used to my face and i kno every minor flaw that most people over look. Plus i look better in person lol, then in pics. im not photogenic
  3. there always already a thread about which is more accurate mirror or pictures.....a couple weeks back in fact.

    people need to use the search function
  4. yeah.......... thats how they work. The light reflects in the mirror (well its confusing cause it really goes through). and a picture is just light reflecting off you into the lens to create a permanent photo at that moment.

    Or do you meen like for example sounding different in recordings than you do in real life?

    Plus if bulls all react to the same color wouldent you think we all see the same thing?
  5. When you look in a mirror you see your right side on the right.

    In a picture you see your right side on the left.
  6. im pretty sure they're trying to ask which is actually closer to what you truely look like.
  7. As a pic of me looking in the mirror
  8. I think people see me as they do. :wave:
  9. People see me as I see myself in pictures I think, or at least I hope, because that's when I look cute haha
  10. You never see yourself for what you really are. Because either you don't like this.. or that.. Or just because you know yourself and body too well.

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