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Do you think Obamacare will pass by years end?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by stoned budda, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Obama himself is beginning to elude to the fact that his Obamacare will not pass before the August break.

    do you think it will even pass this year. Why?
  2. If past history on healthcare reform in America is any indication, then Monica Lewinsky should be hitting on Obama any minute.

    That's what they did to Clinton's plan anyway...one cum stained dress, and no more healthcare reform!

    Unfortunately for Blue Cross, I think Michelle is taking better oral care of her partner than Hillary did Bill.

    So it is possible.
  3. Hmmm....I dont know about that....., I wonder if her name was Monica..

  4. Wow, yes let's go there!

    Obama is a human being, with a swivelling neck!

    Was that chick a Pharma sales person?

    Nobody asked her, but I'll bet she was.

    I'll bet Obama is being surrounded by sexy women who work for big Insurance and Pharma lobbying interests...

    Because they do that to all presidents.

    And some of them fall for it, and some just go straight up into cahoots with them, like W. Bush did.

    Obama is pissing off some very deep pockets, so I would expect dirty tricks to be on the rise around the White House.

    I think he hired Hillary to be his reminder of what can happen when you let things get out of hand.
  5. Yeah, it not as if Bill Clinton doesn't have a history of women accusing him of sexual misconduct, right?
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    I bet Bill Clinton is laughing his ass off at watching Obama jump through hoops trying to get a biil passed that aint got a snow balls chance in hell of passing.

    Harry Ried announced this afternoon that the senate will not vote on it before the fall. So much for ramming it down Americas throat like so many bills before it.
  7. That picture that you posted is the first thing that I have seen Obama doing that I approve of... That was one fine ass, there.

    In all honesty I have no idea if it will pass by years end, I just have to hope it does. :cool:
  8. Sarcasm? I thought you were in the against column?
  9. I don't know about by the years end, but unfortunately I do think it will pass by the end of his first (and hopefully last) term.

    He is giving the same amount of dedication to this as Bush was to Iraq, and the same dirty tricks are being pulled (scripted town hall meetings, media propaganda out the wazoo, giving off the feeling that is it "inevitable")
  10. It'll take a lot longer to get past the blockades that the anti-anything Republicans have all set up.

    Hopefully there will be more conferences that the general public will actually watch, and write to their congressmen and show their support for common sense.
  11. If Max Baucus is still Finance Chairman and is still getting money from the health care/phar complex, then no.

    And if Blue Dog conservative Democrats are as out of touch as them seem and they keep accepting corporate cash, then no.

    And we know the GOP will do everything in their power to stop reforming Americas joke we call healthcare.
  12. Even it passes to the law, I bet it won't even last 6 months.

    There's a lot of doctors are questioning obama and his healthcare. They know what's up.
  13. It wont pass before the next recess. I don't look for it passing at all this year. Normally when a bill like this fails to get pushed through it's not brought back up again. Look at immigration reform. That was just as big a deal as Obama's fascist health care program but nothing came of it because Democrats stopped it.

    However, they might reintroduce it before the mid-term election cycle but I wouldn't look for it going anywhere. When seats are on the line most politicians will focus on topics that aren't as divisive. If the Democrats still hold a majority after the 2010 elections then it will be brought back up again.

  14. I for one wouldn't mind if we got it over with.

    I'm sick of holding my breath, lets burn this mother down.

  15. Exactly my point, haha.

    I guess I'm just trying to say it won't get better till it gets a lot worse. People need to be put into survival mode, you know? That doesn't happen while things are still going good. It happens when the government fucks shit up beyond comprehension.

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