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Do you think my parents care?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Austindmac, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. So lately my mom and I have been talking about marijuana and I told her I have smoked it before and do it every one in a while and she said we'll just don't become a stoner or a pot head lol. We have even watched tv shows like weed country and laughed about it and watched in interest! Most of my moms side smokes Mary Jane including her, but I don't think she knows I know she does. So do you think she'll let me smoke?
  2. Asking that question to abunch of randoms on the internet is pointless, just go talk it out with your mom.
    I assume your severely underage and if you are I suggest waiting until you're atleast 17
  3. Roll up a big fat sticky green joint and fire it up with her.
  4. I mean we were both laughing and telling each other how we felt when were high and how we got the munchies so it just sounds like to me she doesn't really care
  5. Just say what's up then ma. Wanna burn one?
  6. well since she didn't flip out when you told her she seems pretty cool with the situation just as long as you're responsible about it. What i think anyway..
  7. haha how public do you want your private matters to be? hey do you want to ask about your aunts and uncles too?
  8. well if you've told her you've smoked and know she smokes then why wouldn't it be okay? ask her about it?
  9. have a serious chat, say your peace and let her know your not doing it excessively  (even though its a lie). Offer to smoke one with her, im sure she will say yes and praise you for being so darn grown up about such adult issues!
  10. Yeah just don't become a pothead or stoner.That meaning (even though this isn't the definition of those words) put your priorities before weed and she will be ok with it.Omega369 :wave:
  11. Order something online having to do with smoking and leave the pkg on the counter. Just be like "oh sweet my new grinder is here"
  12. Talk to your mom and see what she says.

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