do you think midget sex is gross?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by namron_420s, Jan 29, 2004.


do you think midget sex is gross?

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  1. ya?..huh,...huh?
  2. LMAO......

    A teacher of ours always says we are on midget sex whenever we go on his computers, but i\'ve never actually seen it, lol
  3. i heard nubbin had a mysterical interlude with a leather clad midget.....

    and tuna salad or soemthin?:p
  4. I think its funny to watch. LOL :D
  5. There is nothing wrong with midgets.. I\'m 6\' and a midget would be good for a standing oral..

    Couldn\'t you imagine being some where, and having to stand allm the time with a midget between your legs?? Even the ladies should love that!!!!!!
  6. its just the thing that gets me is some people think its gross or whatever...but imean...they are freaking human beings too!!

    my girls got alotta not a midget.

  7. namron_420s
    inserting crazy mental images since june 2002
  8. i guess i need to start learning the new faces if im gonna be around more.
    i dont know a whole shitload of the people here
    some im just familiar with
    and just a handful of you fellas i love

    i think im gonna go to church.....
  9. Disturbing eh? Your midget is\'t doing his job!!LOL

    Master of images norm.. Watch out for some of those images.. They\'ll make you go blind!!
  10. dirtyd makes some images too:p

    namely the one that involves the carrot..
  11. hey..midgets need love too. Sheesh...midgets get hoes none the less.
  12. plus with a midget, your dick will be as big as her leg. when it takes 6 fists to reach the top... you know your in good shape ;)
  13. 6 fists?


  14. Think of all the positions you can get into with a midget that you can\'t with a normy...

    And if you\'re into it...
    You can dress them up like a gremlin...
  15. did you say Grooh?
  16. Most certainly...

  17. LOL. Oh my! I laughed for the first time in days just picturing that freakish situation. LMAO. Thank you for that!!! LOL

    You know, the sad part is that people generally shrink when they get older and I am exactly 5 ft tall now. Damn, I may be a dwarf when I\'m older. Now, that is something to think about. LOL.
  18. whats wrong with that??

    weve clearly illustrated in this thread the benefits of the vertically challenge..i mean

    look at all this that you can look forward too...

    i think....

    so how the hell are things going for you anyway flowerchild?
  19. Things are just a little too depressing to get into because it would ruin the buzz that anyone had. I\'ll just leave it at that. Its good to see you around and about giving me visuals that make me smile.

    Hey, I\'m not complaining too bad about being a dwarf later in life. LOL. The only bad thing is not being able to reach what I want on the top shelves of groceries stores. And the good shit is always up there.

    I mean......don\'t get me wrong, there are a few distinct advantages to being short. LOL
  20. wear platform shoes.

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