Do you think its "BAD" to be a playa?

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  1. Well long story short. I was in a long term relationship for 3 1/2 years and left on xmas (i was heartbroken) for no reason just cuz she wanted to b a whore. Over it now its been 2 years:D and since then just been bangin mad girls.

    Pros:I can do what I want whenever I want,Have multiple partners, Have girls to chill with and smoke with and still be friends with and get to no there friends;), party like a rockstar, have them take me out and buy me shit drive me around etc, and no naggin, bitching, cheating, and complaining.

    Cons: No love, having to use condoms with some :mad:, sometimes not get laid for a month or 2, no sex everyday, and no one to talk to/open up with a lot.

    This girl likes me and knows that I fucked a few of her friends but she doesn't care, and her friend told me (one i banged :p) that she actually likes me. I don't think I want a relationship, but im not sure... Im 20 my philosophy is bang as many chicks as possible and settle down later like 25-30ish. But if i find a good girl before that then yea i might wanna wifey her up. IDK ill see how it works out.
  2. Yes, I do think it's bad.

    It shows no respect for yourself, and no respect for your multiple partners. I know I'll get flamed hard for this, but ah well. You asked for opinions, so I gave mine :D
  3. its straight cuz everyone is entitled to their own opinion :wave:

    I mean mayb if that bitch never fucked with my head I wouldn't be the way that I am
  4. I also went through a "Playa" period after being heartbroken.

    I don't think its objectively bad, but after a couple of months I came to realize that there was no way it was for me.

    At the end of the day, there are certain joys that are only going to come from the trust and knowledge that exists between partners in a committed relationship which you will miss out on if you are unwilling to commit. This isn't necessarily just sexual either, it can be something as simple as getting the perfect birthday present from your gf, or having her surprise you with dinner reservations - that sort of thing just won't come from a "hookup".

    And of course, there's the sex too. There's nothing quite like having her give you exactly what you want without having to tell her what it is first.

  5. Pretty much this. Id rather have someone I can be completely open with and loves me then go around treating girls as objects. Just my opinion.
  6. I wouldn't say its "bad" being a playa. It IS tough, however. Eventually shit is gonna catch up with ya. And if you're a black dude like me and you fuck wit crazy black chicks, don't expect to have un-slashed tires.

  7. Na, just strap up.
    Be free.
  8. To each his own.

    Personally, I'll never go the way of the "playa" just because I value relationships for more than just sex. I'm sure it's a lot of fun, but it just doesn't cut it for me.
  9. Mannnn.... I read this post and it reminded me a lot of myself when I was your age. Play on playa... [​IMG]

    I don't know the right answer, but from my experiences, this is what I can tell you.

    There is nothing wrong with being a player, as long as you are straight forward with the girls, and you aren't breaking anyone's heart. Seeing as you've had your heart broken before, I'm sure you know and understand what I'm saying.

    I used to have a saying about women, and recently I've realized it's also true for men: You always want, what you can't have. What I mean by that is, no matter what choice you make... you're always going to get bored, or tired of doing the same thing, and want something different. Whether it be doing the same chick every night, or doing a different chick every night... it all get's old in the end.

    Best advice I can give, and what I'm practicing, is just ride the "love roller coaster". If you get bored being a player, find a relationship and stick with it until you can no longer be happy in that relationship, end it, then start playing again. I know that may sound horrible to some people, but it keeps me happy and that's what I want in the end anyway.

    I think I'm heading towards the relationship stage again, but it's only been a few weeks with this girl (who is smoking hot BTW) and I'm already getting bored with her and I don't even know why.

    Best of luck bro.
  10. A slut is a slut in my opinion, rather it be male or female. "Playa" is just a more positive name for a slut. So to me, sleeping around and acting irresponsibly by not using protection with all partners does make you a slut. But at the same time, it's your life so do whatever makes you happy. If you wanna sleep around then do it, but be careful because the amount of people under 23 infected with HIV has doubled in recent years, and is only continuing to increase because so many young men aren't using condoms because they "don't like how they feel". And I'm only saying men because statistics show that men are generally the ones spreading it.

    Hope that didn't sound rude, I wasn't actually calling YOU a slut. Just saying that "slut" and "playa" are the same thing.

  11. agree^^
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    Don't think about the time you want a girlfriend, but the kind of girl you want. There shouldn't be any of the cheating, bitching, nagging, or anything else you mentioned with whoever's right for you.

    The only problem I see with sleeping around is that at the rate it sounds like you're going, you WILL end up with a kid or an incurable and possibly fatal STD. Or both. And you're going to fuck others over with it as well, no matter which it is.
  13. Hey yo I'm still not a playa but you still a hater
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    :smoking: we are what we are. If that's what you want..get it.
  14. I don't think it's bad...but it's not good.

    What's bad is that you say, you use condoms with some???
    Why not all? That's real messed up towards the girls you don't
    use condoms with. They might get something, you don't know
    who they're fucking and whatnot...

    The other reason it's bad is if you're a Playa....
    but you got your main girl who's always been there and gonna
    be there anyway...that shit is really gonna hurt.

    But if you are not with anyone, then you're not cheatin, or lyin'
    so it could be worse....but

  15. i think its bad, gross, unsafe, etc. but thats me ... you be you. if that means screwing around with sluts, go right ahead.
    but dont a be a fool man wrap your shit up.
  16. You have plenty of years to setle down with a girl, Why get into a relationship when you know it's going to end in heartbreak? Hell, just shag anything with a heartbeat.
  17. Nah man do what you want. But shit mayne you should be wrappin' it up all the time with these party broads.
  18. just to clear some shit up, I always use a hat with bitches I don't no. But theres 2-4 chicks I don't cuz there my fuck buddies and they don't fuck anyone else really and if they do they tell me.

    I have a lot of friends with benefits and its nice just being able to chill do what I like and mack broads. But the reason I havent gotten in a relationship is because I get it in within a day of meetin a chick or a week, I don't want to wifey it if its that easy nah mean? Even if a chick don't wanna I am too fucking persuasive haha.
  19. Then what you trippin' for homie? Seems like you think you got it made. Just be you and do what comes natural. If mackin' a different broad a week is your style, then why the fuck not?
  20. There are some very rare exceptions to this rule... but every manwhore I have ever met eventually feels disgusted and empty after a while. By now, they've all settled down with a nice girl.

    Listen, this is not to judge your lifestyle but there is no emotional fulfilment in your sex life. Believe it or not, one of the downsides of being human is that our evolution has lead to sex evolving as well... into something that goes far beyond reproduction. It's bonding in the strongest sense of the word. You can go on thinking that spiritual involvement is bullshit, it's not making love... it's just fucking. Trust me, I've heard it all before. It's your choice, but just out of experience I've noticed a trend of "players" breaking down after a while and explaining to me how they really want to find somebody special.

    But who knows, maybe you are just one of those exceptions who can have casual, unattached sex and not feel repercussions.

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