do you think it will work?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Stoner Steve, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. I have this setup in the corner of my room. Lined with aluminum foil,
    the space i have to work with is 1' by 1' and about 4 to 5' tall. One 100 watt compact 3" above 3 plants. The soil i am using is a mixture of topsoil and peat moss. I am feeding them miracle gro plant food every two weeks.

    They seem to be doing fine considering there is no air circulation and is pretty hot in there. The 5 leafers are already coming out. I'm wondering if they will produce decent buds or even survive?

    I would appreciate some advice on how to improve this grow. Please reply.
  2. whats wrong with it?
  3. Well first of all aluminum foil is not good, second its too small to have a full size plants, 100 watts is definately not sufficent enough to flower your plants, dont feed them miracle grow, you NEED ventilation.
  4. No problem
  5. 1. if your walls are white, just use that its better than foil
    2. if you get another bulb it should be sufficient, but they might not all be females so thats prolly ok
    3. get a fan to blow on the plants/lights to cool the bulb, and to help strengthen the stems
    4. from what ive heard miracle grow is not the way to go... chemicals mixed with weed... eh.. but id go with blood meal for veg and bone meal for flowering
    5. make sure that you are using cool white spectrum floros for vegging, and wide spectrum for flowering
  6. Update on the plants

    All three plants seem to be doing fine. they are about two to three inches tall and have two sets of five leafers already. I stopped feeding them miracle gro.

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