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  1. I bent my plant wrong and it split. I've taped it but as you can see my tape sucked and kept coming undone. Do you think it will survive ok???? don't look to unhealthy minus stem. 6-24-1.jpg
  2. Itl be fine bro.
    I split a mother plant a couple years ago down the stem like peeling a banana and she produced clones for a long time.
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  3. hey thanks this is my first go at it. Fig, she was going to be fine because she looks alright. but want to make sure I'm doing what I should. should I keep trying to put tape on her of no???
  4. smear the wound with household honey

    its got first aid hormones for plants

    tape it up if she's gonna fall maybe splint her up too

    good luck
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  5. Thanks man!!!!
  6. Thanks man!!!!
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  7. No.ive snapped them in half and taped back on it will be ok

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