Do you think inside animals get bored?

Discussion in 'General' started by Marijuana Time, May 11, 2011.

  1. All my cats do is eat, drink, shit, and sleep. Starting to feel for them. Going to go buy a big sack of dank catnip for em and some cat munchies
  2. All I do is eat, smoke, shit and sleep and I can't complain.
  3. My cat goes outside every night and comes back inside every morning. He loves to catch birds and mice and things.

    He must go through some intense shit, because he comes back with tons of big ass seeds and hitchhiker type plant things. Always cutting them off of him. His name is Tiger. He has definitely done it justice.

    I'm pretty sure he rules the neighborhood. I have two big dogs, they know who's boss though. If that cat walks up to their bowl of food or water, they back up, let him drink and do as he pleases.

    Animals love to be outside.
  4. cats r the laziest animal..once they get old they never move..although my cat is like 15 every once in a while she just runs as fast as she can around the house..every time i see it i just burst ou laughing..funniest thind eevr
  5. I've thought about this before. I also thought maybe they have some type of chemical in their brain that makes them feel good all the time.
  6. nah just find a video of some cats fukin or something. they'll be fine
  7. Every time I get really high I take my cats outside individually and let them run wild for like 10 minutes each.

    It's fascinating man, one of them doesn't like it and always just chills by the door waiting to go back inside.

    Fuckin pussy.
  8. I work at a farm and we have a cat who's been outside his entire life and he's 20 and still going strong. I'd say they'd rather be outside (to an extent). My cat goes outside at night and comes in during the morning, usually bringing something dead with him lol. It's kinda nasty, he eats the heads of mice and shit. A couple times he's killed squirrels. He's a huge cat though. Only thing I worry about is getting hit by a car or some redneck shooting him
  9. I had a guinea pig.

    All he did was sit in his cage. I let him out occasionally and all he would do is stand there, motionless. I felt horrible for him. He died two weeks ago.
  10. I have a kitten who sleeps all day and parties all night. Her name is mew, like the pokemon.
  11. a turtle is not really animal but awhile ago i had one and all day every day he would be there, face aganst the glass trying to swim through the glass. i felt bad so i let him go in the creek behind my house.... i wonder if hes still alive
  12. I was thinking about this too today.

    All my animals go outside but my moms dog stays in all day goes outside to crap and piss but that's it.

    I don't know, I guess it's a good thing that they don't have really advanced brains or they'd be bored as hell probably
  13. i was comparing it too some low security prison/jail
    food and board and occasional excersise..i make sure my dog gets attention
    and all pet owners should too, not really "pets" but companions, friends, other living occupants that feel too y'knooow?
  14. i think they would if they're alone. i have 3 dogs and a cat and they all play together. cat never goes outside unless it's nice out and i hold him the whole time while he looks around. he loves my garage everytime i go in there to smoke weed or a cigarette he always comes with me. for being an indoor cat he's got a pretty good body count. ranging from catching flys, cricket spiders, to the mice in my garage. he'll sit there waiting at one of their holes just waiting. once they come out it's game time.
  15. if only they could hold tha joint
  16. I think about that a lot too but it seems like my cats are perfectly content with being indoors 24/7. They have tons of toys, a scratching post, and a playhouse so I feel if they have things to entertain them then they're good.

  17. Blow smoke in their ear. ;)
  18. cats are lazy as fuck. they are built to sleep like 18 hours a day. ever see lions? they are always hunting, eating, or sleeping. mostly sleeping

    dogs seem to get bored. my dog at least. it will start wimpering if i'm not playing with him. he'll also run up and start shit with me to try and get me to play.
  19. I had a pet mouse once, and it was dying for like two days stumbling all over the place so I snapped it's neck

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