do you think i'm ready to chop this down?

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  1. I was casually growing this plant under a cfl until I caught the bug and ordered an HPS and nutes.

    I'm only showing you the cola because the rest of the plant is hideous!

    you thinks it's ready for the axe?

  2. dsnt look ready and i think ur using way too much nutes its all purple and im pritty sure its not from cold or strain but use just distiled water for a while see if it helps no more nutes
  3. flush for a few days then repost a pic.
    that think looks like it could lift a bus.:p
  4. I'll try to flush for the next couple of days and then snap a pic on Thursday.

    Thanks for the help.
  5. you also need to get a microscope & check the trichs its the only real way to tell if shes ready no one else can really tell u unless u post a pic of the trichs under microscope
  6. I'll stop by radioshack and the supermarket tonight to get a microscope and distilled water.

    I should have been using distilled water this entire time but I just keep on forgetting every time I go to the damn market!

    What am I looking for on the trichs? 50% red is what i thought.
  7. hmm.. Im going to watch this post :)
  8. hey dude check out the pic in first post of this thread shows what u want in regards to trichs

  9. Thanks for posting that!

    I got some Distilled water last night and flushed my plant.

    The Ph level was 6.8.

    I used very little fertilizer on this plant 1/4 of the reccomened amount once a week.

    The plant was in the attic in a grow box for a month this summer until I broke down and made my closet into a nice cool environment for her. So I think that heat stress could have had something to do with it.

    My next grow will be done MUCH differently after being on this sight for a couple months!

    As soon as I chop this girl down I'm starting one pinneapple express, one white widow, one super silver haze and a white rhino.

    If these plants start doing funny things I'll have a much more serious approach to finding a solution.

    But for a first grow I think that I learned a lot and if I get get some bud off of her than I'll be happy for just not killing it!

    I'll post more pics tonight.

    Just do me a favor and don't make fun of my charlie brown christmas tree!

  10. You want about 50/50 clear/amber trichomes.
  11. he dont want clear trichs as they arent ready not enough potency, cloudy/amber is what to look for
  12. Okay, tonight I go to Radioshack and look for that damn mini microscope everyone gets for 12 bucks on here.

    Then I'll look for cloudy and amber trichs.

    Do I just snip off a leaf or something?
  13. snip a small, frosty leaf and look in direct sunlight. Artificial lighting can add color.
  14. That thing is wicked
  15. OK, picks coming tonight, You guys get to see the worst looking plant EVER!

    I checked the trichs and they looked clear / cloudy.
  16. hey dude y she the worst looking plant ever? lol dont worrie about it we all have plant problems at some point, dont matter what she look like if shes growing/flowering
  17. free bud is free bud.
  18. rusty colored trichs is wer its at
  19. here are the girls

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  20. these might be better

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