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Do you think ill pass my drug test ( SORRY )

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ultraturd22, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. hey blades, pretty recently my dumb ass got caught with a dime of kush in my car with my brother. Long story short, they charged me with indangering the welfare of a minor ( he is only 16 months younger then me lol ) and inorder to get everything erased i need to have a drug screening. Last time i smoked was december 16th, and my DRUG TEST IS JANUARY 16th - Exactly 1 month of no smoking. Today i just took one of those first responce tests, that you can buy at Target for 20$, and i passed. The thing is that the bottom line was very faint. On the instructions it says that a top dark line, with a bottom faint ( or bottom dark line ) is a pass. Mine was faint, very faint but still noticably there. I am nurvous about the test because it is ordered by the judge and I have to pay out of my hand ( im 19 my brother is 17 ). Do you think i should be alright given i have 15 days left until the test.
    im 5 foot 4
    a little on the stocky/ muscular side.
    very active. i sweat about 3 pounds a day
    and I have a fast metabolism
    I am a fairly heavy smoker. Been smoking >1g per day for about a year. been smoking weed all through high school. and college.

    sorry for the annoying thread. Just need some reassurence. The fact that it is at a private place scares me.

    on another note. if you guys read my other thread about my hp getting stolen. well i got that shit back!
  2. how much did you smoke when you smoked last time? It matters
  3. yeah you will. takes like a month to get out of your system, don't smoke till the 16th and you'll be more then fine. you can drink water/exercise if you want to be extra careful
  4. I'm pretty active myself and I smoked a shitload 2 weeks before a test once, and passed. I think you will be fine, but just to be safe if I were you I would run as much as you can and also when your not running jump in a suana for a while.

  5. im not sure. no more then 2g's though. But up to me quitting i was smoking about 1.5g per day. maybe a gram more
  6. I have been on probation off and on since 95. I have leaned the hard way how to pass, because I don't believe I should be told what I can and can't do. I smoke 3 weeks out of the month I quit 6 days before test. I quit taking opiates 2 days before test. I eat plenty of fiber because it helpls the body get rid of the thc, the day before. The days before that I eat plenty of meat and protien. The day of the test drink several glasses of water. One hour before the test I take 80 mgs. of Lasix,(flourisimide) this is a prescription diretic. It slows down the kidneys that produce the metabolites that cause you to show up hot. If you have trouble tracking down lasix just go to an online pharmacy. I order it all the time from a canadian pharmacy. Very cheap. If you can't get lasix drink a lot of coffee in the morning then a gallon of water. Exercise helps a lot too. Especially with the opiates. If you urinate about ten to twelve times before the test you should be good. Take a few b-2 vitamins to give your urine color. Some people will say that the lack of color will make the test not count. This is not true. My piss is always clear. What are they gonna do. All you have to say is you drank a lot of water so you could piss. Never failed and never had a problem. Don't take my word for it. You can buy home drug test kits online for next to nothing so test yourself and that way you will know how long it takes. Good luck to all.
  7. hey guys I have a question, so about 3 months ago I got caught and now my parents are threatening to drug test me randomly. however I have smoked in the last few days and I don't know when a test will be, how affective is drinking cranberry juice as well as large amounts of water? are store bought tests very accurate or not? also what else can I use to detox my body? I also exercise everyday for at least an hour and a half.
  8. What's up with all of the "my parents caught me smoking" threads? If you have to be over 18 to post on this site, then why are so many people worried about what their parents are going to do if they are smoking weed? If you truly are over 18, tell your parents to get over it. If you aren't, then you shouldn't be lying about your age when you sign up to a website.
  9. How does an ultraturd smoke more than I?
  10. i got told i was gonna get one a month after i got caught here it is 3 and a half months later and i still havent gotten one. i wish it would stay that way but im not taking any chances. Dont smoke any more but you should be fine, if they test you a month later you can fail the first one anyways cause sometimes it takes longer than a month. i think thats why they waited 3 months to start drug testing me on color code.
  11. What state screwed you over? You should be good since your active. Just drink water and eat healthy the body cleanses itself it just takes time.

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