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Do you think I'll be safe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deleted member 452289, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Alright so I'm about to decarb about 3 or 4 grams of some bud in the oven, but I have my parents int he house. I wrapped the container EXTREMELY tight with 3 layers of aluminum foil, you guys think this is smell proof or not?
    Sorry if this seems like a retarded question but I don't want to hear it from my parents.
  2. OR could I throw this in my crockpot for a while and let it decarb that way?:O
  3. Foil ain't gonna do shit, don't do it its gonna make your whole house smell like mad weed
  4. I wouldn't do it, cooking marijuana in a stove is probably one of the easiest ways to make your entire home smelling like bud. After about two minutes in the heat and you'll be saying "oh fuck." Wait till they're gone for a few hours, then ventilate the fuck out of your house (open all windows, spray shit). You need at least an hour or two after baking to totally remove the smell if you ventilate it properly.
  5. I've never done decarbing before, will soon tho and can't wait to test the results :)
    I have cooked with oil before tho, doesn't make the house smell. If you have a convectional bbake oven plug it in outside and do it at night or something
  6. So look for a nice, smelly, thing to cook while you do the decarb.

    Thai food- Indian curry- even frying up some black pepper, garlic and Italian seasoning-spiced bacon*!... anything spicy and exotic! The pot smell just melts into the "foreign" odors!

    You should learn to cook from scratch, anyway! Check online for recipes!

    Granny :wave:

    *If you love BLT sandwiches, try it! :D Whole 'nother kind of good!
  7. Survey says -> This will end bad for you if you do it.
  8. Every time I read your posts I wish you were my Granny :(
  9. Granny <333333333333333333
  10. I "adopted" all of GC long ago!

    Love you all!

  11. Seriously? After 3 layers, folded over itself completely, wouldn't even hide the smell? Damn what a bummer :( Lol I have no ingredients for spicy Indian food. All I have at the moment is frozen food hahaha. Maybe if I throw a pizza in the oven with the bud?lol Thanks for your responsess!

  12. No it won't.
    While it's baking, it's not going to smell like weed unless you have some super super skunk.
    But, when you open it, it's going to smell haha.
    Just make sure you get that shit out of the kitchen fast then you should be good.
    Maybe make some popcorn to cover up the smell.

  13. Is this info from experience?lol:p
  14. Does this mean I come visit every weekend and we can smoke a joint together and watch Andy Griffith?? This.... means... so much to me... I love you Granny. :eek:

  15. Fosho lol.
    I was just like you before I did it, but I just said fuck it and threw it in there.
    Luckily it didn't smell, but once I took it out it did, so I fucking dipped with the hot ass foil in my hand haha.

  16. LMAO fucking dipped with hot ass foil LOL aight well here i go. Thanks man :)
    And thank you everyone else too :)
    Also. I <3 you Grannnnyyyyyy!:p

  17. Goodluck, lol.

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