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Do you think I'll be ok?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by b0nne, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Okay blades, I'm thinking about smoking in my dorm.
    The thing is, my room mate is anti-weed.
    So here's my room setup.
    Bed next to window. But my window has an irremovable fly-screen.
    On the roof not far from my window is duct-ed heating, (I think that's what it's called:p) Which is where it heats the whole dorm. There's a few around the place. I've got Lynx deodorant, a few types in fact, so I have access to all those. I've got an overhead fan which is pretty powerful.
    I'm using a glass pipe.
    dank as fuck buds.
    ill try to keep smoke from getting out of the pipe, you know - I'll cover the bowl/carb etc.
    So anyway, what i was thinking -

    - Shut door, blanket under door.
    - Deodorization
    - Open window
    - Turn on overhead fan
    - Doona over curtains so it'd be like half hotboxing, but the window would be right in front of me for me to blow smoke out of. The doona would go over the window, over me, and hook onto the railings of the curtains like a curtain. lol.
    - After, spray heaps, and flush the ash.

    6-8 hours of fan on and window open = smell gone by morning?
  2. All that work just to smoke in your dorm? Go outside and save yourself all the trouble.
  3. [quote name='"Madtown608"']All that work just to smoke in your dorm? Go outside and save yourself all the trouble.[/quote]

    Yeah, man.

    I guess I should feel lucky that when I wanna smoke I just reach for my bong while sitting in bed and rip that motherfucker haha
  4. That's not what I'm asking.
  5. I started smoking I'm my dorm a month ago and everything you said should work. I use a bit of medical hose (any smallish tubing thats not uncomfortable to exhale through) and throw it out the window and then close the window and put a towel over the crack. It's flawless if you cover the door too. I've even had people in my room within an hour of smoking that way and they can't tell. Good luck
  6. no man you wont be ok

  7. Haha cool ;) as i said though irremovable fly-screen god damn it. :)
  8. Cut a hole. No ones gonna notice unless you kick the screen out.
  9. Regardless of what you do there will always be a chance of being caught by your roomate. So, if he's anti-weed, and might possibly snitch or something it's not worth it. Go outside and smoke. Respect your roomate's wishes and beliefs even if they're not ill-minded. Put yourself in his position.
  10. You have 6-8 hours until she comes back? You'll be FINE. I smoke out of my mini bong in the bed by the window and the people in my suite can't smell it inside their rooms. I have an irremovable fly screen too, just don't cough and blow out the window. I run a rotating fan and keep my door shut. Smell gone in under an hour.
  11. ask urself is he gona snitch if he smells it
  12. Yeaa it seems safe but I don't think that deodorant will kill the smell but then again you have the fan and window open so I would say your good
  13. thanks guys :)
    he wont be gone for 6-8 hours, its just while hes asleep :)
  14. You should be okay. I used to pack 5 or so hits before class, throw a towel under the door, and blow out the window and it was flawless every time
  15. When you see your roommate, sit him down, take out a hammer and let him know that if he snitches you out there will be a tragic accident, then bust out one of his knees with hammer to make sure he heard you. Then light up and enjoy a smoke.
  16. youd probably be fine but you can never be too careful. i would be worried about the smell so i would think its not a good idea to use a bong in your room. especialy if it is large. You should invest in a vaporizer, only foolproof way!

    Also it depends on what kind of weed you smoke. The weed I smoke stinks up my pad..
  17. Haha the weed i smoke if i pulled out a .5 nugmy room would wreak lol
    ive thought of getting a vape, but im just concerned about the postage.
    What I'm gonna use is a pipe
  18. NO JUST NO!
    dude buy a vaporizer lol no lingering smell, you taste/smell the bud not the smoke, gets you higher off less and the leftovers you make bloody awesome edibles with!
    buy a launch box or vapor genie for small portables for desktop ones get and arizer extreme q vaporizer or dah budda or the silver surfer vaporizer

  19. If he was out of the dorm for 8 hours, I side with sneaky smoking.
    But if he's present in the room, asleep or not, and he's made it clear that he does not approve, your best choice is to not push it. If he only has a problem with smell, then you might be fine. But if he's completely anti-weed, don't give him a reason to run to the RA.

    Advice: You live in a dorm. You aren't the only one who tokes, guaranteed. Find a buddy and smoke out together. Slightest paranoia can ruin the best highs. Be respectful, play it safe. Not trying to flame you, just personal opinion there.

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