Do You Think Id Go To Hell If I Turned The Bible Into A Science Fiction Graphic Novel?

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  1. While I'm not an entirely religious person, I do believe in a God and that heaven and hell exist. If God punishes people the way the bible and hardcore Christians tell me he does, I'm going straight to hell aren't I? Also I probably shouldn't just single out the bible because every religion will be featured in the graphic novel.
  2. if he's that pitiful , then yes.
  3. Lol. True. True. I don't think he'll literally go through every comic book to see if any of it is blasphemous or anything. Just kind of felt uneasy at the time I thought it up. I really just wanted everyone's opinion. Ha.
  4. We're all goin somewhere sooner or later,Do/Expirience what you want,when it all boils down that's all there is to do :)
  5. No doubt. I'm going through with it anyway. It just raised that question and I wanted to hear/reads people opinions about it. If there ever is a conversation with me and god about it I'd just tell him he made me and he should've known what was going to happen when e unleashed me onto this earth. Hahaha
  6. If you believe in a system where an all-powerful being would send you to burn for eternity because you depict your representation of a religious book (likely in a way that many people can understand who wouldn't otherwise make sense of Biblical literature), then you are already living in hell son; a hell of the mind.
  7. That's some deep shit bro. In the end I really don't give a fuck whether I go to hell or not, I'm still going to make it. Just got to brush up on my bible mythology. So I can make a story that makes sense.
  8. Whether or not you go to Hell is between you and God. It's not anybody heres decision to make.
  9. :rolleyes:
  10. True but I'm not asking anyone to make that decision. Just their thoughts on the subject.
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    Probably not, God's not real and you can't go somewhere that isn't real. Every religion you say? Tell me more. 
  12. I'm going to incorporate other religious figures such as Buddha, Allah and so on and so forth. Basically other gods also other aspects of religion like traditions and stories. Stuff like that. I'm going to have to do a lot of research. The whole premise of the comic is yet to be fully developed because there are many ways to about it.
  13. How far back are you going to go? Will Zeus and Bumba be represented as well?
  14. Definitely. It's pretty much going to follow the bible. With appearances from other religions. So it's going to start with the creation of earth and Adam and Eve.
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    Oh boy good luck with that.  
  16. Lol. Uh thanks? It's going to be tough but I think I can pull it off.
  17. I believe in God and heaven/hell and I think this is a good idea. 
  18. Badass. That makes two of us. Lol
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    Depends on how much you believe in the bible. I would say no one goes to hell, but if I am wrong, then I'll see ya there  :)  :metal:
  20. Lol. Nice to know I'll have friends on the other side.

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