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Do you think I would benefit from Medical Marijuana?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Acroze, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, how are you? I am curious if I would benefit from Medical Marijuana, I have muscle spasms in my neck/trapezoid area (Has gotten better in time) but I still remain with it, I have had nights where I would wake up with pain all in my traps and neck to the point where it was completely unbearable and I would do my best to get back to sleep. I have done neck training myself (Already being into Fitness) I did some and it did help and I am pretty certain it is due to my muscles being weaker within that area is what I have brought it down too. And when I have stress, or around people I dislike I tend to over think and over stress just in there presence and my back/neck will tense up excruciatingly. Sometimes if I don't get enough sleep (Like the past two days) I will also feel like a waling zombie from being so mentally and physically drained to where I really don't even want to talk.
    Thanks guys, I just recently joined here and I really like the place and I am excited to see your answers :)

  2. MMJ very effectively treats muscle spasms and sleep issues.
  3. I stopped reading after muscle spasms... the answer is, yes.
  4. Definitely help - stick to an indica, with CBD if you can, but I have to also recommend yoga, being that I have similar problems and it's currently doing amazing things for me! 
  5. Yes it will definitely help, high cbd/cbn will help more with pain, along with most indicas. Sativas are more for stress. You can use this website to look at different strains and what they are good for medicinally
  6. OP, the LAST thing you want to do is ask this community if you qualify for MMJ.
      I highly recommend that you go see a qualified doctor and ask him about it.
    Or, you can try it out yourself. See how your body reacts to it. Be careful. Today's MMJ is very strong. And the concentrates are even stronger. It may not be for you. Good luck.
  7. Smoke weed, get high, relieve pain.

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    a topical application could do wonders for tension in that area too, without getting OP high
  9. I have a Herniated disk in my lower lumbar back that causes these same muscle spasms that you describe. The pain sometimes is excruciating to the point where I am walking deformed and almost paralyzed but most of the time is just hard to deal with and annoying. It's strange that you mentioned it gets worse when you stress because I had noticed that. Today I mentioned to one of the girls I work with , that I noticed the pain gets way worse and I start having spasms like my disk is on the verge of swelling again, only when I'm stressed or have anxiety. I do medical billing so I am sitting most of the day and thats the worst thing for anytype of spinal issues so that doesn't help any either.Now, i loved to smoke and it did help. For me, it didnt take any pain away it just took my mind off of it. I haven't smoked recently not because I can't, I can but it's a huge risk while working in the medical field, plus I started getting really bad heart palpitations and nauseous swets when I would smoke , so I decided to take a break a few months ago.That said, I don't like pain pills. They are addicting and only work to an extent and you need more and more to keep the pain away. I went through physical therapy for about 12 weeks and that helped a little and I would recommend to always do some type of muscle movements around your neck area to keep those muscles smooth and untense.. Recently I tried an alternative herb called kratom and it actually worked. I am the biggest wus when it comes to trying new things like that but I was desperate and needed the pain to stop. If smoking doesn't help or you have any issues with it, I would give Kratom a try. Also, try to drink plenty of water. I know that everyone says to drink water and that gets annoyong too but it really helps keep the spasms away. Apple cider vinegar is suppposed to help keep the toxins in you muscles away so I have considered adding that to my diet at least once a day but haven't done it yet lol. I'm sorry to hear that your going through that, I truly know what your going through and it isn't fun.
  10. Proheaps a daily dosage of Codeine if your not in a medical state.

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