Do you think I waited too long??????

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  1. I have had a very busy couple of weeks with work and some family problems I have 9 clones in the bubble bucket that have not gotten a chance to get them out and into the pots . They should have been taken out about 2 weeks ago . Do you think there isigoing to be a problem with stress since I have to rip the roots some as there all wrapped around the pump and the other roots in the bucket. Some of the clones have 3-4 foot of roots . Also the roots look a little on the brown side but I am pretty sure that's because I use liquified seaweed in all my water . Instead of trying to plant them I guess I could just try to move the whole bucket into my flower tent and try my hand at

    Thanks IMG_20190606_195449~2.jpg
  2. Id say yeah you deff fucked up . Don't rip them sterilize some scissors and cut the roots at a normal length imo about 3-4 inches and plant them
  3. Ok thanks that's what I was thinking about trying to do . I don't really need any more plants but I hate to throw any cuttings away . All my friends like the fact that I can't seem to throw anything out
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  4. dontn throw it away trim the root ball and deop into soils qith some sea kelp.

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