Do you think I should start toking again?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ghou1ie, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. This goes with a pretty wild, but true story I posted a few days ago...I officially name it "The Sacrifice Story"

    Here is a link to the whole story...

    Basically, some dumbass kid got caught tokin' by the cops and said I sold it to him. I don't know if it was a kid that I sold to but I was dealing at the time [I'll never deal again which is ok by me. It wasn't exactly my thing. :p]

    This was in early December and I found out through someone who has connections with the cops that they are watching me, etc...which makes sense because for a while they were chilling in my neighborhood [which they never do] pretty often. I haven't seen cops for a while and I've been pretty low-profile since then, not hanging around any stoners or stoner spots etc.

    So do you think I'll be ok if I start holding a stash + paraphernalia again?

    You really should read the whole story though. The link is above.
  2. i saw your story eariler this week
    how sneaky can you be?

    how are your parents? i can leave any time i please. its actually 5am after a night of partyin, and i could leave my house if i wanted. can you go in and out of your house at your pleasure? if so, find a nice secluded spot and make a stash somewhere.

    i just looked at the story again, and i would say just be smart about where you smoke. if you stoped dealin the cops wont care about you anymore. but of course if you get busted they will be all over you for prior shit
  3. its not really a matter of parents or anything. I just want to make sure the cops aren't following me and shit. Because if they could prove that I was dealing wouldn't they have already busted me?

    Any other advice would be appreciated from whomever.
  4. well is there suspicious cars around your home? for some reason there always used to be a under cover sitting near my house. i didnt deal then even. sometimes they dont hide well. just keep your eyes open for them. remind yourself and look around.

    just be careful with your phone, and texts. aslong as you dont have to take any drugtests in the future from your prior problem

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