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Do you think human beings have impacted every living organism in some way?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by smokes1123, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. Just wondering what u think!?
  2. I bet we have
  3. vaguest thread of the year
  4. Vaguest schizophrenic thread, indeed.
  5. every species on earth
  6. yes. everything happens for a reason i guess..
    or maybe it just happens that way who knows.

    why are we even here?
  7. /every/ living organism?

    /some/ living organisms?

    No question is a bad question, right?
  8. every organism impacts every other organism

    hell, we're fucking with the planet's climate control systems (ozone, icecaps, salinity of the oceans, etc)

    everybody and everythign is under the effects of the temperature of the planet
    the motions of the currents int he ocean
    the weather raining down on us, etc.

    so yeah, humans have had an effect on everything earthly

    with humans the arguement is whether or not our impact on the planet is "Natural"
  9. Do you think time has impacted civilization?
  10. There are lots of species at the bottom of the ocean that have yet to be effected by us.

    There are most likely other species of animals within the universe that have had absolutely no effect from humans.
  11. What he said... Plus Sasquatch.
  12. Every species or every single organism? I mean we likely in some way have had some influence on every species in some way over the course of humanity, but if you mean directly by us as of this very moment, likely not.
  13. ^ good point.

    We most certainly didn't have any effect on dinosaurs....

    (unless you include digging up some of their skeletons)

  14. we've been annihilating species from the oceans for theousands of years

    most critters on the bottom of the ocean eat stuff that falls from somewhere in the water column

    we've certainly effected everything on the planet at least indirectly

    once you cause any species to go extinct you have an effect on the entirety of an ecosystem (the planet in this case) that will permeate throughout time

    it's a realization that causes us to dig deep

    be deep

    and think of the big picture

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