do you think honesty is the best policy?

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  1. i think it isnt and i am about to start lying religiously.
    i have 3 examples.
    1) my cousin had a weddign overseas and i parked my car at the airport for 10days. i was running late so i couldnt use the cheaper parking lot.
    anyway when i returned, the parkign ppl couldnt find my car in the system. they searched for 30 minutes. my dumb ass even told them the date and time when i arrived and they still couldnt find me
    they charged me $200 for the 10 days based on my word of mouth :eek: ! i coulda just said i came 3 days before!
    2) my parents are super religious and they ask me lots of personal questions. i answer them because i am grown and i feel liek i dont have to lie. well they asked me if i had been having sex with my boyfriend and i told them the truth, yes.
    next thing you know they are telling me i am selfish, i have no self control, and i am immoral. they told me if i stay out nights with my bf im not allowed at their house anymore.but mind you how would they know any of thsi unless i told them?!
    3) i started a new job and come to find out one of my new male coworkers lives a block away from me. he asked for a ride home which i gave him and he gave me gas money.
    i had a feeling my boyfriend may not like it. but when he asked what took me so long to get to his house i told him the truth bc i had nothing to hide.
    well guess what? my boyfriend then starts accusing me of cheating on him! (yeah the same one who left FB open on my phone)
    so there you have it 3 scenarios where i told the truth and it backfired on me. thats only 3, there are plenty more.
    so what aout you guys, are you truth tellers, or liars?

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    i read your other thread. you should break up with that guy. but yeah you should still always be honest, its more respectful then being caught in a lie
  3. Yup, if they can't handle the truth then that sucks for them. I feel honesty helps keep a clear conscious.

    Lol your parents call you selfish for doing something they don't want you to do, oh irony. Its your body do as you please. And your boyfriend, I'm assuming this is the guy that says he loves you then goes trying to hook up with other girls on facebook? Yeah if he did care as much as he claims to then he'd put all bullshit aside and keep it 100. Some guys saying "guys are just naturally horny," lol and you can't help with that? Dudes a clown if you ask me but its all on you.

    If you truly feel lieing will help you out for the better, then by all means call in sick to work :) haha
  4. Little white lies never hurt anybody, especially to your parents, but your boyfriend you should just break up with, he sounds like he is insecure as fuck, almost sounds like your overbearing religious parents.
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    Did you at least tell your parents you practice safe sex to make them fell better about it??
    i agree with them. that guy sounds no good.
  6. I really feel like the truth is the best way to go all the time. Personally, I would rather people hate for me the truth rather than love me because of lies. We are who we are...just live and keep moving forward.
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    I tried the lying sack o' crap gig for a while. Doesn't really do you much good. Try to be honest when you can but of course you have to be practical. Some saying goes something like "honesty is not always synonymous with truth." I'd say the best way is to go with what you feel. But I caveat this with the fact that you need a trustworthy moral compass to guide your feeling in the right direction. Look no further than the heart for that one. If you are honest with yourself, truth will follow.
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    lol I used to lie a lot when I was little. I was a devious little bastard and could get away with anything playing my mom like a fiddle. Since, I've learned that you never have to actually lie. It's all about being smart about your discretion. As an adult, I have a full-fledged reasonable expectation of privacy that is legally enforceable. Why would I lie when I can just prohibit people from knowing the truth, exercise my fifth amendment rights, etc? I don't have anything to lie about anymore, I just have my secrets. ;)
  9. I agree and have never thought honesty is the best policy. It never is the best option for US you know. The only reason that some people don't lie is that they have a "conscience" and it makes their pansy ass feel bad.
    I lie compulsively sometimes...
    It can be fun!
    But usually I just do it to suit myself.
  10. Lol right on, its not about lieing, its about not telling the whole truth hahah
  11. See yourself as what you are .............a co - joining of 2 religious fanatics in a very fucked up world, YES ..You gotta lie just as I do, just to get out of bed in the morning, if you feel guilt at all, see it as part of your parental training, it's easy it's called growing up, and anticipating every one

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