Do you think GOD is a STONER???

Discussion in 'General' started by TokerKing, Jan 30, 2004.


Do you think GOD is a STONER??

  1. Hell yeah, he's gotta be!

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  2. No!

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  3. I'm not sure what to think.

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  1. Hey man, GOD has to be a stoner, just think about it. He made pot a plant so we can get it any time(with a little money), and then are friends who always said that they want to smoke it but don't want it to take over their life to the point where they are smoking every day, twice a day like some of us are doing as your reding this, so they just don't do it. Well I've got some news for those people, when you go to heaven and get through the gates your gonna see us sittin' there with GOD smokin' a big ass mother fuckin' blunt!!!! And you know what we gonna say to you..."I told ya he didn't care homie".......So I say GOD is a stoner.
  2. I'm not religious, but if there is a God, no, I don't think he's a stoner and I also think it's kinda blasphemous (is that the right word?) to say so. I mean, it's God, I don't think God has any desire to smoke weed, but i think He also put plants on the earth that contain mind-altering chemicals for a reason. I don't think he put weed here for us NOT to smoke it.
  3. seeing as nobody knows if god exists. or even what god looks like (if there is such a thing) .... i don't see how you can even speculate whether or not god smokes weed.

    and while we're on the subject.. i think if there is a god. he(she/it) doesn't care about "blasphemy". god would be above letting such petty things offend him (she/it)
  4. like robin willams said: maybe if you look at the platypus- I think he might (smoke weed).

    "Hey man, I got an idea for an animal. It has the face of a duck but a body of a beaver... heh heh... and get this- it's gonna be a mammal that lays eggs... Oh and we'll stick some venom glands on there for good measure. Hehe yeah man this is gonna rule so much..."
  5. im not reiliguios at all. but i think that if there is a god he probably doesnt smoke but stoners r probably his fav. kind of people, espaicly religious stoners.

    the only ppl on earth that really have a heart r stoners. no war, no violence, no polution, just being one with nature would be alot of stoners fantasy of a perfect world ..n i think god meant for earth to be like that too.

    probably the reason aliens havent made contact with us too. cause we r barbarians. but when they do, u kno they arent gonna take nebody to share he fruits of their konwledge with but stoners. tie-dye, flip flop wearing, phish listening MJ activists.

    (at least i hope :)
  6. what if god smoked cannibus
    would he drive a microbus

    damn how's that song go?
  7. ahhh, but remember...

    god is not only a single individual

    if god is the reason why we are here and is what sustains the very essence of everything that exists,

    then surly what is felt by the human conscience when stoned or in any state of mind is part of the essence of everything and is a part of god as well

  8. lol...damn that was heavy........good and true, but heavy......Peace out.....Sid

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