Do you think George Zimmerman deserves to be charged with murder?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by A.R.C., Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Simplified no explanation answer.

  2. He shot him for nothing right? Of course he should.
  3. Waiting for a "no"..

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    Even my main dawg Garrison probably agrees with the sentiment in this thread... am I right MDG!?
  4. Definitely! Why shouldn't he?
  5. My gramps watches Faux news and they were making it into a race war. White-Black tension is on the rise.

    This is George Zimmerman :laughing:
  6. [quote name='"garrison68"']

    Just keep making it easier and easier for unstable people to get guns, and this is what happens.[/quote]

    Very true garrison.

    Guns aren't the problem, people aren't the problem. its people who shouldn't be handling guns getting them that's the problem Haha.
  7. There is alot of pieces missing from this crime. In a simple answer, he needs to go to jail. But there was an event that led to the shooting, after the initial confrontation. I think there was a scuffle before the incident but it was no justification for killing him.
  8. If only the gun laws allowed the 17 year old to conceal carry maybe he could have defended his life from that unstable wannabe cop.

    Too bad the retards in power are only gonna tighten gun laws up even more after this and fuck all the wrong people.

    Its like they are waiting eagerly for an unstable nut to shoot someone so they can chip away at the existing laws some more.
  9. yes,
    "like a king, like a king, like a king, rodney king, rodney king, rodney king, how we need u dr king dr king dr king"
  10. What I fail to understand is why people keep calling Florida's "stand one's ground" law into question-standing one's ground does not entail following someone and shooting them.
  11. They should cut is fingers, tar and feather him and see if he'll still go looking to make trouble in the back alley!
  12. bring back public hangings!!!
  13. he did call him a coon doe but he needs to be charged with murder
  14. He should be charged and taken to trial.

    Not in an ordinary court though, because he might have called the black kid black before killing him. This should go to a Federal court because what kind of society would we be if we allowed murderers to call people names before they murder them.

  15. Werd. Don't follow people at night, you won't have to worry about standing your ground. If you pursue somebody, "neighborhood watch" AKA wannabe cop or not, you are not standing your ground. You're trying to be a vigilante, so unless we want to send the message that any jerkoff with a gun can go play cops and robbers as long as they silence the other side of the story, the guy should be arrested. If this guy gets off with no punishment it sets a dangerous precedent. "Let's go to Florida and murder some fuckin' coons! As long as we say 'THEY'RE COMIN RIGHT FOR US!! it's A-OK to gun them down!!"
  16. Why this guy would call this guy a coon when he is half black himself is beyond me. I can't seem to get a clear non biased telling of the story. I've heard they had a fight and other things. So I think a grand jury investigation laying out all the facts like they are doing is the best way to go.
  17. Has anyone been able to get ahold of the 911 tapes in their entirety? All I've been able to find is clips with worthless opinions attached to them.

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