do you think fish can eat when its totally dark in the tank?

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Aug 27, 2002.

  1. I was just wondering what anyone thought about this..Im lazy and dont feel like trying to kill my eyes to watch them eat right now..see, I went on this 3 day whiskey binge and my heart is pumping extremely loud. anyway as the responsible caretaker I am, I left the tank light on and it gets damn hot in there. there is water in the tank still thank god, but my fish look like they evaporated. Theyre eyes are huge and they and really skinny and funny looking. I fed them finally but I turned the light off. I cant seem to get out of this chair, cant seem haha..I *cant get out of this chair..but I *am y[​IMG]ou think they will find the food or WHAT?
  2. im thinkin since there arent many lights beating down on the ocean floor that they'll be ok
  3. can YOU eat in the dark :D:D
  4. hell yeah, esp when im stoney! so I drop some green in there for em...oh wait thc isnt water soluable..? can someone explain to me how to make thc soluable?! im confused..hehe..and be sure to be thorough and keep it at least 500 words. thank you.
  5. thc technically will never solute in water..but if you get ice water and mix your bud in a glass jar with it, and agitate the thc glands (I.E. shake it like hell for 15 minutes) they'll dislocate from the plant and collect at the bottom....sprinkle THAT on your little fish bitchs....or just make hash with this method..whichever suits your mood
  6. 64 words...GOOD JOB...

    wouldnt a blender work just as well?
  8. I was cleaning my room today..Im talking TOP to BOTTOM and found 2 joints!!!!! well seeing I* cant smoke them..I think I will try this..I cant see why my fishy bitches wouldnt enjoy trying out my lifestyle for once. damn I go swimming ALL the time.
  10. Are you guys stoned again? What in the hell is wrong with ya. You should never get stoned and try to solve problems with fish!!!

    Fish will eat anytime they are hungry. When fishing we catch just as many fish at nightr as during the day!

    They are good to eat after dark to!
  11. should i try to catch my fish then? like with the hash? ill use a lil twiggy stick and thread and a big ass hook. ill hook my fish up with some hash
  12. put your fish in your bong...and then toke up one last time....they would love you for it :D
  13. didnt you hear what budhead said?!?! I shouldnt try n solve my problems with fish. dammit. pay attention. stoner.
  14. well..fuck me in the goat soooooo sorry..i was busy clearing the smoke when he said that..

    *lighting up second half of bowl :D*
  15. ill stick a pussywillow up yer ass for that...

    jebus! how long does it take you to smoke a bowl?!?! hehe :smoke:
  16. well...when i smoke out of this pipe, its so short and gets so hot, that i zero two or three hits, and then reply to some stuff, get some munchies or something, and then zero two or three more....and its a big bowl. but it just gets fucking hot and shit, so i gotta wait for a lil while....but not long....and i havent fucking smoked in two aint took much to get me thowed.
  17. Well if ya aint gonna take my advice I just won't waste it on ya!~LOL When ya stoned ya don't thunk clearly enuff to make those hard decissions.

    Take this advice and let Sensimil stick that pussywillow up ya ass. Then the both of ya can be happy!!!!!!!
  18. FISSSSSHHHHHHYYYYYY. fISHING? FISHER? FISH-EYE!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHWHO GOTS A FISH? OH MY GOD I JUST REMEMBERED THIS STORY: tHIS REALLY HAPPENED TO ME TOO. IT IS CALLED "THE CLEANING LADY STOLE MY FISH" SEE.....SHE TOOK MY FUCKING FISH !OH SHITi forgot the caps was on after i dunno. yeah man, she took my fucking fish when she came over to clean my house (yeah i know, im lazy) then she told my dad about the party i had when he was gone for a week. you see the bitch came 2 days early and found all the beer cans and liquor and well i was busted
  19. this guy and his buddy were playing golf, and he hit the ball into the buttercups, and when his buddy caught up to him, he noticed that he was kicking the ball out of the flowers, his buddy then insisted that he replace the ball in the buttercups, and stick to the rules or he was going to take his monkey and go home, so the guy sticking to the rules, puts his ball back into the buttercups and swings away, then mother nature sprinkles out of nowhere and informs him that now that he has destroyed her precious flowers that he can no longer have butter for the rest of his life, then dissipates as quickly as she arrived, his buddy somewhat dumbfounded by his complete and total abscence of unhappiness asks him "why arent you sad, butter is great, it goes on everything", the guy looks at his friend and tells him hes just glad the ball wasnt in the pussywillows.
  20. ITS OFFICIAL!....I just heard on the discovery channel that fish see in the same 3 primary colors as humans PLUS a fourth ultraviolet so they can SEE IN THE DARK!...and it also said that fish can see the lazer on remote controls and they hate the glow of TVs when they get changed ot different channels, so its better not to put them by tvs

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