Do you think everyone is the same?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Boundless 1, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. But the only reason we have differences is because we're in denial of this fact?

    This is like the cosmic egg that when it sees similarities it creates differences imediately..
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  2. The only reason we have differences is because were in denial of our own differences?
    Maybe we also cant fly because we dont believe enough in the matrix.
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  3. Sounds like me when I smoke my self retarded lol
  4. Haha never go full retard

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  5. I think we all share similarities and commonalities. We are all unique but what happens to us is also experienced by others in similar ways. That's why there is treatment for diseases, injury, etc because it works the same way in almost everyone

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  6. We are all experiencing the single earth consciousness through different vessels and different circumstances, gathering experience. We are all the same, and we are all different. Forward, Straight, Left, Right not the answer. The answer is UP......(IMO)
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  7. I think people can repeat cycles of immaturity, but no, they are not the same.

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  8. Everyone is not same. Every human being has different ideas, thoughts, and mental status. We can't compare anyone in any field. Everyone has a different lifestyle, thinking power and interests. For example, we can’t compare Lion and an ant. Both have different structure and work. Like this, the human being also all are not same. I got some more information form this site collegeresearchpapersonlineblogspot. In my opinion, everyone can do better in their life if they are interested in what they are doing?
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  9. I think there is a blend of archetypes common to everyone..But each person relates to those a bit differently

    We each have a bit different DNA as well.

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