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Do you think cigs make you higher?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by IamTheTruth, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Me and a few of my friends got into a argument i call a stoners argument we were discussing smoking cigs while smoking weed or after smoking they told me they get higher but from what i read online it makes it go away i dont smoke cigs and never will because they do nothing for me but i do smoke alot of pot. What do you guys think?
  2. it may feel a buzzfor like 5 minutes, but other than that i'd say no, it does not get you higher.
  3. No. Its just a nicotine buzz.
  4. A newport after a fat blunt or some rips from a bong always have me flying high. I love it.
  5. When i smoke cigs after weed i feel the nicotine high rush to the brain much stronger than when i do without weed. its a good high but doesnt last too long.
  6. I guess if you want a number statistic it would be about 7% more high! if you smoke a cigg after smoking weed..I dont agree with this because how do you measure 100% high? LMFAO... So i assume it would be on a individual basis for how each person felt after smoking a cigg after smoking some green. I am almost 100% sure that it will depend on each person!
  7. I don't smoke cig's that much at all, but sometimes I'll light one up after I blaze.. not sure what it is, but it fucks me up. It's combining with the weed and doing something fantastic.

  8. Yes it's called a Synergistic Effect...just mean a multiplied effect like drinking alcohol and smoking weed, or doing any drug with another drug for that matter! As you may know from first hand experience it's not smart to mix some! LOL So do so at your own risk!
  9. I always smoke cigs after smokin a bowl, its like tradition. But i don't think it gets you higher, just gives you a bigger nic buzz, like JPiZz631 said.
  10. Also known as a drug synergy, tobacco and weed have a small bond, but not much past a placebo effect. But it's different for everyone, some people may get higher from smoking tobacco after weed.
  11. Hello DO know Nicotine is a drug yes??? so whatever you want to call it...It GETS YOU HIGHER than if you dont smoke one correct? ROTFL! Guyy need to stop smokin so much and commin on here!!! HAHAHA just busting some chops is all, no harm meant!

  12. yup yup//it will be different for each person i think...

    I personally dont smoke ciggs..I smoke weed as it is and why would i want to do even more damage to my lungs! LOL..Plus cigg cause cancer! guy might want to think about cutting one or the other out! you wont luive long enough to really enjoy it! LMAO
  13. I'm not a cig smoker, but I have puffed on black and milds a few times after a bowl.

    I would say that, yes, I did feel higher puffing on the black.

    It's just the quick nicotine rush combined with your high, makes it feel more intense for a short time.
  14. It does both, if you are still coming up, and smoked weed like 5 minutes ago, you will get higher. If you are coming down and smoked like 2 hours ago, it will make you less high. I guess it just moves you faster through your high or something, so if you are still coming up on your high, you move faster forward towards being more high, or the nicotine buzz helps or whatever, and if you are coming down from your high, you are moving away from being high.
  15. I put tobacco in my joints. The answer is no, nicotine does not get you 'high' because it has no THC. But I do enjoy the lovely nicotine buzz that accompanies the WHOOOSH of the ganja smoke.
  16. How about this. Cigarettes increase your heart rate, which in turn increases the flow of blood around your body, possibly increasing the rate at which the THC is metabolized.

    Just a theory. But yeah, I do love a ciggy after a blaze..
  17. The more tobacco I smoke while high, the more burnt out I am when I come down. Not worth it really.. I feel like shit for 5 minutes and my saliva tastes like cat piss and leather. I used to really enjoy it, a cig after a sesh was a great way to boost the buzz into gear. Just kind of loses its edge.

    I do smoke cigs normally though, but if its with bud I just can't..
  18. they make me sicker. i have smoked a few spliffs though. i don't really like them that much, but the tobacco buzz is a bit nicer that way.
  19. I find it that when smoking a cig I am just more relaxed then normal.
  20. Like mentioned; nicotine buzz.

    And I think memories are really easier to access with scent, just the smell (also pot ofcourse) but it brings back days in the park, on the balcony; sitting with friends at Wallmart.. hm Wallmart!

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