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Do you think anti smoking commercials are just a filthy lie

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TranStarLexington, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. I'm 22 and I've been smoking both since I was 12 and I am actually in much better health than I was when I was 12, both physically and thing these commercials claim is they shorten your life, Sure my grandfather died a couple years back from lung problems but he developed lung cancer when he was 78 and he died when he was 85 (about 10 years past the average life expectancy of 75). Another thing they claim is it ruins your looks, when the effects it lists I've seen happen to people who have never smoked in their life. They claim pot makes you stupid when I've again, been smoking for ten years and three years ago I had a school average of 65-70 but now I have a school average of about 85-90


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  2. I assume you're talking about cigarettes?
    Using tobacco will affect your lifelong health. You're only 22 so you're young and strong enough to not notice the problems it causes...give it another 10 years and tell us how great it is.....
    Both my parents died from lung cancer, and I have a sis in law with COPD, all smokers...I'd rather die of the cancer than have to live with COPD...
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  3. if you mean tobacco then that is dangerous but im assuming you mean weed, ive smoked since about 13 and im quite normal (well depends what your definition of that is)
  4. Quit for a week then post back ur findings
    good luck
  5. Uhhh, you could have aids and be in better health @ 22 than when you were 12, that is a ridiculous notion.

    Do you think the tobacco companies would put those ads on their packs of cigarettes if they didn't have too? -_-

    Are you sure pot doesn't make you stupid? From what i just read. i'd have to disagree.
  6. Lol I haven't seen an anti-weed commercial in a very, very long time. Tobacco ones occasionally but still, they don't show them like they used to.
  7. Drop the cigarettes and just do weed. I have noticed shortness of breath after smoking too much in a single day. I bought a arizer solo vaporizer and I cut my smoking intake down in half. Vape when I wake up and then smoke sesh and then vape sesh and then smoke sesh and then vape sesh.

    Eventually I'll just stick with vaping if I get a Q or something. I love smoking cigarettes but cancer runs in the family so I had to drop it

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