Do you think actors are overpaid?

Discussion in 'General' started by qwerty man, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. I was just having this conversation with someone and I think it's bs when people say celebrities and athletes make too much money. The chances for succeeding are so low, that if you do, the reward should be pretty fuckin nice...why do people care how much they make? It's like hating someone for winning the lottery

  2. What is your fascination with Matt Damon, bro?
  3. They earned it really....we give them the money, they don't just get it for no reason
  4. Some make to much because they're famous for being famous but some deserve more, if you watch the show fringe look at Walters character te dude who plays him needs 10 Emmys.
  5. Seeing as all they do for society is entertain, I think theyre being over payed. But it's society's fault for buying in to it.
  6. they make what they are valued. its us thats giving them the support and money, so how can people claim they are overpaid if we are, in a way, the ones paying them?
  7. Acting is fucking hard, actually.
  8. of course theyre overpaid. its extremely unfair. i fucking hate it.
  9. [quote name='"freshlyground"']they make what they are valued. its us thats giving them the support and money, so how can people claim they are overpaid if we are, in a way, the ones paying them?[/quote]

    Took the words out of my keyboard.
  10. They get what they deserve to an extent. They give up their social lives for months at a time to work o movies. They don't even get to enjoy the movie they make. Anyone not like seeing themselves on camera? And they perform the same scenes multiple times it probably gets annoying.

    I agree with the statement that we value entertainment.
  11. I think actors should be paid on scale, they get a percent of the total take of the movie. Some big stars already do this.

    I don't hate on actors for getting paid as much as they do. I think it's too much but I'm dont grudge them for getting paid that amount.

    But what does kinda make me laugh/pisses me off is when movies put "A list" stars in movies, stars that demand 20 million a movie... and then that movie fails and doesn't make money back because of the fact they paid an "A list" actor to be in a shitty movie, and they spent a good portion of their budget just on getting one actor/actress.
  12. Not so much as baseball players.. you cant train a monkey good will hunting style, but you can train a monkey to hit a ball witha stick and then run in a circle :laughing: :rolleyes:
  13. No, the cookies crumble was always natural.
  14. OF COURSE actors are over paid but it is societys fault. This is why I sneak into as many movies as I can, because I'm poor, and them muthafuckas already have them fat stacks. They don't need mine too! AND FUCK ANYONE WHO SAYS THAT SNEAKING INTO A MOVIE IS JUST LIKE STEALING A MOVIE!! Yall nigggazzz are lame.
  15. [ame=]Matt Damon in Team America - YouTube[/ame]
  16. i dont think they are overpaid. if it was just for acting they would be overpaid but fame comes at a price. they dont get privacy and they have to do a lot of work. in a sense they are overpaid but whenever i think of being famous i just think of lack of privacy so there should be compensation
  17. To me, its the easiest thing in the world. Its just like being a good pathological lier, which I can do easily.

  18. theres no such thing as a "good" pathological liar lol. you can be a good liar. a pathological liar lies for no reason and doesnt even really notice they are lieing
  19. I Know that some of them do work hard. But If your getting over 1 million dollars per episode, I think that shit is fucked up.
  20. im pretty sure no actor gets a million per episode

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