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Do you think abusing marijuana is dangerous?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by crisk21, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Now I know it's not actually DANGEROUS but I mean mentally. I've seen some people claiming to be depressed saying that marijuana is the only reason they are alive. I don't think you should depend on a drug to make you happy but then that brought up a question of mine. Is it dangerous to abuse it? Being high all the time, using it when you are sad all the time. Stuff like that. Is it bad?
  2. Yes within reason, it's like abusing tea, it's fucking good but if you drink to much then..........wait.........Oh......Nothing will happen :laughing:
  3. Idk, I guess it's bad. Some people are pretty miserable without green though.
  4. Its a psychological addiction.
  5. yeah def, its easy to become dependent on mary jane. when you do, you start blowing uncessary amounts of money.

    for example, last month i was home rehabing my broken fibular so i didnt work or do anything so i blazed all day. i just smoked my days away.. some may say that was the good life for me it wasn't

    i got sick of being "out of it" every single day and my days were just boring if i didnt smoke. so i stopped for a week and it broke my daily use.

    now i just smoke at night which is great after a long day of work. 2 grav hits does the trick :smoke::smoke:
  6. Yes, this one I'm quoting...^^^There.:cool:
  7. Well it can cause you to miss out on some things in life
  8. People are stupid enough to make anything dangerous
  9. I know you can get psychologically addicted but I am talking about depression or something like it. I was listening to Kid Cudi and realized that he is probably stoned almost all the time. So that's another reason I thought of this question.
  10. Simple answer? No...Long answer? No.:cool:
  11. Too much of anything isn't healthy. I honestly believe that person who smokes "all day, everyday" is giving up a lot of great things in life.

  12. Not even if something like someone dying in your family happens, and you just keep smoking weed? That's the kind of scenario that was in my mind.
  13. I don't think you could get depressed directly from weed.

    Maybe if you spent all your money on it, your wife divorced you, the bank foreclosed on your house and took all your things you'd be depressed.
  14. In terms of causing it, no. But if you already have it, it can make it worlds worse
  15. I know a fair amount of people who have more than a couple negative side effects (mental and physical) from years of smoking. As much as people would like to believe that cannabis is completely harmless, it is just not true.

    This, too.
  16. Only thing bad about it is you can get addicted. Idk if this is true but someone said that if you don't smoke that often then it doesn't kill brain cells, it increases them, making you smarter. If that's true then I guess I'm only going to smoke every once in a while.
  17. In my opinion, smoking all day every day is ok but not for prolonged periods of time. a month or two straight is a while and following that with a one or two week t- break will help a lot. Don't get my wrong- i toke every day and find it hard to start a t- break but it really does help. I once heard a quote: "When your high every day, your not really playing the game, and that's ok, but your going to be out of the game for a while and catching up may take some time." Weed is here for a reason, and each to his own, if you feel you need to stop do it there's no pressure
  18. probably not that bad for you
  19. I think weed is probably healthier and has less side effects than some anti-depressants that people use. I mean if you're depressed and can't afford to go to the psychiatrist or whatever and you find that smoking is an effective way to self medicate I think that's better than trying to self medicate with other prescription drugs..
    I think the fact that it's not physically addictive probably makes it a lot safer too.
    I'd say you should probably get a doctor to tell you how to treat your depression. But it's definitely a lot safer than plenty of legal things. And it has less physical side effects.
  20. Smoking weed doesn't "increase" brain cells or make you smarter. Granted, it allows you to see things differently and make connections in your thoughts that would be more difficult to come across otherwise, but it doesn't make you smarter.

    Also, holding in smoke for a while will kill some brain cells. It's not the pot, and it's not many, but it happens.

    Information and moderation is the key to all things my friends.

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