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Do you text while tokin'?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by camram, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. I used to never do this but now I do it all the time.
  2. i can't remember to do it.
  3. nah i put my phone on silent and jus chilllll
  4. Why would you stop?
  5. I'm confused. Why would you not text?

  6. yea... lol its not like when you smoke, your cut off from the world. just continue your everyday activities as planned :D
  7. I text while high and have some of the greatest convo's with my friends.
  8. If I get a text while high I'll always read it and then tell myself to close it so that I can think of a response, but then I end up forgetting about it for a half hour and feeling bad about not responding promptly.
  9. yea I mean I don't just not text anyone because I'm stoned lol. OP wtf?

    But sometimes I'll forget when I'm talking to someone and I won't see the message for hours after that ha.
  10. Sometimes I am so happy to be high, I just text a few friends and let them know lol
  11. I have a virtual keyboard on my phone (touchscreen) that i can barely use sober. When i'm high i button mash it to death so i don't bother anymore. the last high text on my phone says "dfude, yuo hafe any weef ywt/ im runnuh loe" if that gives you any idea. Small, sensitive buttons, plus uncoordinated fingers does not make for an easy read.
  12. I text and talk on the phone just fine when im high, the only things i cant do fine while im baked is to keep my eyes all the way opened xD
  13. #13 Cannabis Curt, Aug 5, 2011
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    Idk i smoke to get away from all this shit and be off in my own world
  14. I like to text high. It's much better than calling people high. I actually have the time to think about the correct thing to say and rethink it before I send it. Rather than when I'm on the phone, people notice I'm not talking nearly as much as normal. Or I'll end up not paying attention and saying incredibly stupid things. Or asking "wut" every 30 seconds.
  15. Shit, depends for me. If I'm with people I try not to, but by myself then I don't mind.
  16. Texting high makes me sound not high, while when I call people really high I sound kinda dumb.
  17. just chicks. no point texting dudes while baked. unless im asking them to burn
  18. To be honest i used to text all the time . But texting lost its pizazz . I guess because im a little older now. I think technology is being taken too far now a days . Have fun with the people your chillin' with , you dont need to be glued to ya phone 24/7. Good friends are rare , Half the people in ya phone are probably snakes anyway lol.
  19. only when im by myself. sometimes i call people when im high, depending on the drug.
  20. Every once in awhile when I'm really lit I'll break out the old typewriter and start what I can only assume is the equivalent of 'texting.':cool:

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